Thursday, March 12, 2015

Something New...

It's been pretty quiet on the blog here lately and I apologize if you have been looking for pictures of my kids or dying for a witty anecdote about Target or how I've eaten at Chipotle three times this week already.  BUT, I've been a little busy working on this:

Well, actually I didn't make the logo, Emily Lupita did :)  P.S. go check out her beautiful blog & Etsy shop!

So I didn't create the logo, but I did create the company.  I also created the website, which you can go see for yourself by clicking ----> HERE

I'm a little excited about it.... ;)

It took me a long time to decide I wanted to do it, but I recently took the plunge and just started my own professional organizing business.  I love organizing spaces in my home, and organizing my time in my -- yep I'm gonna plug it again -- Erin Condren Life Planner (and if you want to save $10 on your first order, go through my referral link:

This blog is still going to be Making Sure To Laugh and the content (as it were) isn't going to change... I may decide in the future to start a separate blog for achievOrganized Co, but I don't have plans to do so in the immediate future.  First step is to build a client base.....

So just a short post today about what I've been up to.  I didn't do a Weigh-In Wednesday again this week.  Not much exciting news to report -- I lost .2 lbs so I'm now down to an even 186.  I need to step up my gym game so I'm off now to check Pinterest for some new workouts.

Happy almost Friday!!

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