Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites - 2.27.15

These are a few of my favorite things....

It's almost March.  
Guys, I am so done with February and winter in general.  I'm sick of snow, ice, cold and having to wear coats & shoes.  SICK of it.  So I'm really looking forward to March, even though in reality it probably won't be much different....


Getting my business started.  
On Monday I told you guys how excited I was that I had just filed for my DBA (doing business as) name.  I've also been working on the content for my website and drafting some forms, like my service agreement, client intake form & others.  I'm so ready to get started!!
I even did some warm up organizing projects last night.  I got the Skubb organizers from IKEA on Tuesday night and decided to see how they'd work in the girls' drawers.  I have only done Caroline's so far, but I think they are great.  Doing her drawers inspired me to move some of her other stuff around too (I'm sure Jerry will be thrilled with this -- he loves when I reorganize things and he can't find them...)

Diapers & Wipers :)

Outfits (with the pants folded inside the shirts) on the left, extra pants in the middle, long sleeve shirts next, then a couple spring outfits on the far right :)
Emily's drawers are next on the list.  They are a huge mess...

Progress Over Perfection.
I didn't do a Weigh-In Wednesday post this week.  I'm not sure why -- probably laziness.  But it was a good weigh-in!  The number was 187.2 which is my lowest so far since September.  I have done pretty well the past two weeks at the gym (my thigh and triceps muscles are currently super sore) and although I've allowed myself a couple cheats (cough--chocolate chip muffin yesterday morning--cough), I'm still progressing.  YIPPEEEEEEE.

And that's about it.  Except I wanted to share a couple photos of the girls from our trip to IKEA tihs week.  Emily was obsessed with these hand puppets and wanted to wear the hat too.  These dress up/make believe toys were all on clearance and it kept her happy while we were there :)  

Caroline wasn't quiet as thrilled with her hat...

Kind looks like she's flipping me the bird... but those cheeks!!

What are your Friday favorites?

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