Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday 2.4.15

Well, then.

The number on the scale this morning was only a surprise in that it was lower than I thought it would be.  For some reason I have been eating like crap lately, and haven't been for a good walk since before Christmas.  Sad. 

So today's weight is 188.6 -- yes that number looks familiar; because it is the same as last Wednesday.  Which is GREAT considering how poorly I've been doing, but NOT GREAT considering that I need to keep moving and lose another 25 lbs...

SO.  I've been toying with the idea of joining a gym again.  And I think I'm actually going to do it. The weight loss so far has been great, and I definitely feel better 32 lbs down, but my body doesn't look all that different.  Still #bustedcanofbiscuits and it isn't going to get better not working out.  

I plan on taking it slow, maybe doing some aqua classes with a friend, and doing some elliptical and treadmill (especially in these cold winter weeks/months), then working on some actual weight-lifting.  Don't worry, I'm not working towards spray-tan-and-tiny-shiny-bikini muscles... just perhaps some tone to firm up the wobble to a more manageable jiggle.

And here's some pictures of my kids from last night.  I love how Caroline wants to do absolutely everything Emily is doing.  Like jumping on the bed...

Caroline's face cracks me up.

Kind of looks like they're praying.  This time, Emily actually copied Caroline :)

Sister love <3

Happy Hump Day!

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