Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites -- Things & Stuff


With the exception of last night (Caroline had some weird tummy trouble or something that made her scream and cry every few minutes; we didn't get much sleep), this week has been pretty awesome, albeit uneventful.

Epic behead.
There are no words.

Looks like a bald spot, but it's just matted down in different directions.  So stylish.

Sweet RAKs.
So I have been using my Erin Condren Life Planner since September, and trying to explain it to people along the way.  It's not going well.  But Patti (my girls' daycare mom & a sweet friend) surprised me with these goodies for my planner; even though she doesn't really get it (her words).  I like to make my planner pretty (it's kind of like scrapbooking, I guess) which makes me want to use it more; which (sometimes) makes me more organized.

I have a separate IG for planner people and posted this picture in there this morning :)  I like to follow other organized people and see how they lay out their weeks to get some inspiration.  I know you are all shaking your heads right now, and that's ok with me :)
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Basic Vanilla B*tch.
I know, I know...but I am loving the "new" Pixie pants from Old Navy right now.  I say new in quotes because I'm pretty sure they bring these out every spring and call them new, but anyway.  I bought a full-length black pair for Jerry's grandma's viewing last week and I love how they fit.  Tight without showing all the cellulite, and stretchy.  And I thought they were really slimming (of course I didn't take a picture).  Now I want to go back and buy some in the other fun patterns & colors.  


How cute?!

Valentine's Dayyyy.
I'm really excited for this Valentine's Day.  Jerry and I have reservations at PF Changs (sooo fancy, I know, but we love it!) and after our Kids Club party at town hall, I am going to GET A MASSAGE.  Hallelujah I need it.

I think after work today I might stop by my second home and pick up some fun treats & stuff for the girls to "open" on V-day :)

Infant Toddler Girls I'm with Cupid Tee @ Target

My aunt posted this picture on Facebook yesterday.  Me, my sister, and my cousins, just chillin' in front of our grandmother's house.  All so cute and innocent... 

(I'm bottom center)

Happy Almost-Weekend, you guys!!

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