Monday, February 23, 2015

So That Happened...

Little bit of a Weekend Recap in reverse because I'm most excited about what I just did a few minutes ago (I realize it's Monday and therefore not technically the weekend, but what I just did goes along with what I did yesterday... just stay with me).

I just mailed in my application for a "Doing Business As" registration.  In a few short weeks, I will hopefully get an acceptance and my business will officially be known as "achievOrganized Co."  

And yesterday, I filed for a sole proprietorship.  WHAT??

Ok so basically for a long time I've been thinking about what I really want to be when I grow up.  Well, I'm turning thirty this year and also got a bit of a reality check that my full time gig is in fact a contract and won't last forever... SO I thought about it a lot, talked to Jerry about it, did A LOT of research (I'm still doing A LOT of research) and I have decided I might as well jump off the deep end and start my own business as a Professional Organizer.  

"A what", you say?  "Is that even a thing?" you ask?
Yep -- A professional organizer.  In this capacity I will go into people's homes and help them conquer their clutter, organize their stuff, create systems to keep themselves organized (including time management skills), etc etc etc.  I'm really excited about this.  It seems like such a "duh" thing, because I've always been told I'm really organized (along with a lot less flattering things regarding my anal retentiveness when it comes to ... well life) BUT anyway.

I guess I dragged my feet so long because I kept telling myself that being organized was common sense and no one is actually going to pay me to help them.  But then I was watching Hoarders (I know, but stay with me) and saw that being a Professional Organizer was actually a thing.  And watching that show and ones like it... as well as occasionally helping family and friends get their stuff together, made me realize that not everyone is born with the talent of being organized, getting organized, and helping others achieve that.  

So now's the time.  Why?  I don't know.  It just feels right and I don't want to wait anymore.  I don't have any reason to wait.  I'm not going to go out and quit my job.  I actually love my job, but it doesn't really challenge me in the ways I need a career to do.  I'm going to start working this business part-time, on the side, and when I want to/feel like it.  Maybe one day it will be my full-time gig but I don't see a need to rush into it.  I just really like the idea of getting out there and helping people.  I know the feeling of that lifted weight after a project is finished and a space or system really works for you.  I want to share that feeling.

Like I said before, I just registered my business name & really haven't done anything else except talk to some of my family & friends about it.  I'm not 100% sure where to go with this next, except I know I'm going to start a Facebook page and maybe get some business cards :)  Eventually I will be working on a website... and my real end game goal with this is to one day sit for the CPO exam to become fully certified as a professional organizer.  But that will be at least a couple years away.  Such an exciting time and I just can't wait to get started!!


NOWWWWWW onto our weekend.

Saturday morning we were feeling super lazy and Emily still had a rash on her face (she woke up Friday with it and I figured it was just heat rash from sleeping because she tends to sleep in the same position -- with her comforter pulled up over her head -- for long periods of time... Not sure exactly what it was, but we are now thinking it was an allergic reaction to a new bath soap, but anyway..).  So we skipped dance class just in case it was something contagious, like Fifth Disease or something, and we just hung out.  

It was also faint on her left cheek and on her arms as well. Poor baby has VERY sensitive skin.

Jerry had plans Saturday night and Sunday, so Saturday morning/day was all mine.  I picked up Patti and we headed to Hobby Lobby.  Love that place.  I found a wooden bird thingy in the clearance section -- man I wish I had taken a picture of it... but it was a cute decor item and it was $3.  I will try to remember to take a photo and post it later.  

It started to snow while we were in Hobby Lobby and for some reason, Patti thinks I'm a horrible driver.  Crazy.  So she was pretty nervous the whole time but we had two more stops to make, then we headed back home on the really crappy roads.  We made it back fine and I couldn't wait to get home and take my shoes off -- I didn't believe Jerry when he said it was going to snow and I had worn my tennis shoes.  Well my socks were soaked by the time I got home.  

The rest of the weekend was really, really low-key.  We basically just did this: 

And then this morning we did this:

Emily came out of her bedroom after saying "Mom, don't see me.  I'm getting dressed really awesome."

Yep.  She is pretty awesome.  Caroline wasn't sure what to make of her outfit.  She just wanted the flower.

So yeah, it's kind of hard to see, but Emily has a cape on over top of her nightgown which she is wearing over a shirt & leggings... and completes the ensemble with her Elsa heels and Sofia crown headband.  Duh.

So that was my weekend (and Monday morning).  Don't worry -- this blog will not turn into an "all about my business" blog.  Once I create a website I will link a separate blog to that.  This will continue to be my random life moments, weigh-ins & link ups, and pictures of my kids.  You're welcome. 

SOOO what did y'all do this weekend?

Are you excited it's Monday?  I am!