Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Don't Even Know What Day It Is

I had plans.  Big plans.  I even wrote them down in my planner.  I was going to do a weekend recap post on Monday, participate in a Show & Tell link up on Tuesday, and today I was going to post my weigh-in.  Then I didn't.

Monday was a federal holiday so Jerry and I had off work.  We had plans to get lunch and maybe see a movie, since the girls would be at daycare.  But Emily's ear infection derailed those plans (yep -- first Caroline's ear now Emily's.  So awesome).  So we took Caroline to daycare and took Emily to the doctor.  And ended up having a mommy-daddy-Emmy day instead of a day date.  Not bad.  But I got nothing done.

Then Monday night it snowed and we didn't go into work Tuesday.  Again, I got nothing done.

So here I am at work on Wednesday trying to figure out if I want to bother going back and doing three separate posts.  Let's put it this way: no.  No I don't.

So first I'll recap our little weekend, which was actually kind of full and then at the end I'll hit you with my weigh-in; however -- spoiler alert -- it ain't good.


Saturday morning started out like any other, Emily and me scrambling around to get ready for her dance class.  Well, me scrambling and Emily going as slowly as possible and basically just being uncooperative.  I had put together a couple bags with little goodies for the girls to open...

These bags were 2 for $1.50 at Target

Caroline's - Mini M&Ms, new pappers and stacking cup bath toy

Emily's - Mini M&Ms, dry-erase activity tin and annoying light-up wand

After dance, we came home and changed for our Kids Club Valentine's Day party.  Daddy & Caroline stayed home because C was still a little under the weather.  The party was fun -- crazy and crowded, but fun.

Emily and her BFF Nora playing "pin the lips on Miss Valentine"
Cookie decorating station
Crafts table
After the party, I high-tailed it home to drop Emily off and head to my appointment for a massage and to get my hair done.  Jerry has been dropping subtle hints that he would like me to dye my hair red (like sayind "you should dye your hair red") for the last several years -- I had it done about ten years ago and really liked it; apparently so did Jerry ;)  SO for Valentine's Day this year I decided to surprise him with a new 'do: 


  It had started to snow while I was getting my hair done, so I cautiously but quickly headed home to change before our 7pm dinner reservation.  We ate to our hearts' content and our bellies' contempt and then headed home with a doggy bag full of chocolate cake :)  Instead of going out for a late movie we decided to rent something On Demand.  We settled on Gone Girl.  It was weird.  I don't really have any other adjectives to describe it.  Anyway...

Sunday afternoon I picked up the girls from Patti's and we braved the freezing temps and winds to go to Panera and Target ;)

We had a few dance parties:

The girls played nicely together... you know, 80% of the time.

So that was our weekend.

This morning I weight myself and really didn't want to look down at the number.  Starting Saturday morning with the cherry donut holes and ending last night with the rest of the pretzel hugs I made for the Kids Club party, I basically just ate my way through the weekend; and although I just got myself a three-year membership to the gym (yeah) I didn't go even once this long, long weekend.  So I was actually thrilled the number wasn't more than it was: 189.4.  That's a two pound gain.  I'm ok with that.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself all weekend and now I'm back on the wagon -- my standard cereal bar & banana breakfast followed by...yep! Chipotle.

The calendar says it's Wednesday...

But Caroline's hair says it's Monday:

This may or may not be my new desktop wallpaper...

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