Monday, February 2, 2015

I Actually Kind of Like Mondays...

This weekend we had fun :)  Friday afternoon/evening was not fun, though.  Emily was pushing her boundaries HARD and mama was frustrated and over it.  Saturday morning was better.  She was actually pretty well behaved the rest of the weekend.  

Saturday, Jerry went to his grandma's funeral and I took both girls to Emily's dance class.  It was freezing and windy, so that was fun.  After dance, we did our weekly Target run (also tons of fun with both girls...) and grabbed some Chick Fil A to take home.  Except after we got our food, I remembered I was supposed to pick up a prescription; so we went back to Target and our food got cold.  Sweet.

Saturday afternoon, Jerry (or someone who looked an awful lot like him) came home and told me to go out and have a couple hours to myself.  So where did I go?  Walmart.  I have been wanting to start doing puzzles (I know, so exciting) and so I went and got a card table and a puzzle.  I figured I'd just go for it an start with a 1000 piece puzzle with a repeating pattern of vintage Froot Loops ads.  

Sure.  After Walmart I hung out with friends (while doing a different puzzle at their house), ate junk and drank Mango-ritas... that's my kind of #turntup Saturday night.

Sunday morning we had a play date with Emily's best friend Nora.  She is the sweetest little kid and they always have such fun together.  They were so well behaved and sweet together.  Complimenting each other on their play-doh skills and taking turns being the "mommy" and the "sweetheart".  So fun.  Next time we are hoping to up the ante and have a sleepover!

Here's a picture of Emily from the playdate (I don't like to post pictures of other people's kids).  They played "dress up" in nightgowns and necklaces.  And put these little plastic Minnie Mouse bows in their hair.  

Sunday afternoon we met Jerry's brother & sister-in-law and the kids at the roller skating rink for a little family Sunday Funday.  I did not fall, which was such a win in my book.  Emily did great on her little Fisher Price princess roller skates and refused to leave the floor for a good hour.  

Not a great shot, but she was talking to the girl behind the shoe counter :)

Again, such great photography prowess on my part... they had these little contraptions made from PVC with wheels to give the kids something to hold onto and Emily loved it.  She didn't want me to touch it.  After a while, she didn't even need it :)
Caroline hung out in the stroller a bit...

...then got up and danced to the sweet roller rink music.  The video I got is actually horrible.  She was dancing the entire time except for whenever I had my phone out to video her (of course) but you can kind of see her little sassy 'tude and when she sticks her belly out I die.  

After skating, we took our sore muscles and blistered feet over to our favorite Mexican restaurant and had quesadillas and lots of chips :)

We were all exhausted when we got home, so bath and bed time were somewhat easier than usual.  Then after the girls were in bed, Jerry and I went down to watch the second half of the SuperBowl (which I couldn't have cared less about since the Packers were out and I don't really like either team).  I worked on my puzzle and rolled my eyes at Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's interviews. 

It was a great weekend.  I was ready to come to work, though.  Nice and quiet :)

Happy Monday, friends!

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