Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Recap - Window Shopping & Chinese Foooooood

Good Monday, friends!

This weekend was another low-key, not-much-going-on kind of weekend -- my favorite.

Friday night, Emily wanted peanut butter and jelly for dinner.  I'll wait while you guys recover from being astonished.... Ok so I told her she could have PBJ and she asked if she could help make it.  SURE KID!

She alternated between spreading the peanut butter on the bread and licking the knife... but it was mostly licking the knife.

Saturday morning at Emily's dance class, her teacher called all the parents in to watch them do the first few 8-counts of their recital dance.  I didn't bring my phone in, or I would've gotten video, but trust me when I say it was the cutest thing ever.  Emily was about two counts behind, but so were a lot of the girls :)  They shook their little hips and twirled around and I basically stood there with the stupidest grin on my face, trying not to cry at how big she is... I am so looking forward to the recital in May!!  There will definitely be crying.

Jerry worked Saturday morning, so after dance class, the girls and I headed over to do our weekly Target run.  It's funny because we almost always see at least one or two other moms/kids from dance at Target after class -- great minds, you know.  So before any shopping could happen, we did this: 

Cake pops FTW.  And it kinda looks like Caroline is secretly flipping Emily off with her right hand... just me?
Saturday afternoon, I snuck out with my sister-in-law for a little window shopping.  It was nice to talk about adult things and not be wiping a nose for a couple hours.  When I got home, Jerry and I had Chinese food and it was glorious.  I love me some chicken & broccoli and pork dumplings :)

Sunday we had a nice visit with "Auntie" Megan (my best friend for going on 20 years) and her son, Aiden.  Last time we saw them was before Christmas so it was really nice to have them come up for a visit.  We left my girls at home -- Caroline needed a nap and Emily opted out of shopping in favor of staying home with her Daddy, sweet girl -- and went to Chipotle (gasp!) and Target (double gasp!) and then ended up at Home Goods.  Aiden lasted until 3/4 of the way through Home Goods and then was DONE.  So we headed back to the house and played a little more and then they were on their way :(  Definitely making plans to visit more often.

Sunday afternoon was so lazy.  We had breakfast for dinner and Jerry gave the girls baths (he's a keeper)... Emily let me slather her up with Johnson's bedtime lotion and I think it actually helped calm her down a little. That will be done EVERY night from now on.

We have a busy week coming up... I'm going to try to get into the gym, we have some Kids' Club V-day party prepping to do, and if I don't do some laundry soon we are going to be drying off with toilet paper after our showers...

See you back here Wednesday with -- hopefully -- a happy number on the scale!!

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