Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites - 2-in-1 Style

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Wait, what?  It's not Wednesday, you say?  Ohhh right.
Well as you may or may not have noticed, I didn't do my Weigh-In Wednesday post.  Life (and a sick toddler) got in the way, but I'm here now.  

Wednesday morning's number was in fact happy -- 187.8 (my lowest so far since September).  So that was nice.  

And I am officially gym member.  The sweet talking membership dude talked me into a "buy two years get the third free deal" - what the what?! - and after thinking about it and crunching the numbers, it just made sense.  So last night I bit the bullet and pulled out the old Mastercard.  

I love the fact that my gym has a pool, and the only thing it is lacking compared to my last gym is private changing rooms...Some ladies (and never the good looking ones) are a little to comfortable being naked in front of other people.  Now, I have no problem with changing in the locker room, but this one lady just straight up sat on the bench and talked to her friend while being STARK NAKED and... it wasn't pretty.  I still have that image burned into my head.  Ugh.  Well whatever... Yay for going to the gym!

Now for the second half of this two part saga known as today's blog post:  Friday Favorites!!

Caroline woke up without a fever.
YES.  That is my favorite thing about today (and this week) so far because early yesterday morning she had a 104.9 temp.  That's not a typo.  It was scary.  She has an ear infection and is now on antibiotics.  She woke up this morning with no fever so hallelujah.  Hopefully it doesn't come back this afternoon, but I won't be surprised if it does.

Kids' Club Valentine's Day partyyyy.
Poor Caroline is going to have to sit out of this one, but hopefully Emily will be excited to see her friends and play games and decorate cookies at our first annual community Valentine's Day Party!  I still have a few last minute things to take care of, but yesterday I finished making about a million of these: 
I got the "recipe" HERE.

All the Etsy stickers.

These are from StickerPlanIt.  The owner, Mary, is awesome and did custom colors on the ballet slippers for me!  The hearts are for me to put next to hair appointments, massages, pedicures -- anything that's for ME and me only :)  She threw in the dots & teardrops, as well as the bee and the gold foil bows.  Love them!

So remember my planner?  Yeah I mean, it's not like I talk about it a lot or anything.  Well anyway, there are actual Facebook groups for people who have this planner and how they organize it and themselves.  Many of these people use stickers to mark important things they need to do or errands they need to run.  
The planner itself came with a few sheets of functional stickers in the back (it's a common thing for planners these days apparently) but a lot of the ladies in these FB groups have Etsy shops where they sell custom functional stickers.  They're a cute and easy way to track all sorts of things in your planner.  Need to do laundry?  There's a sticker with a picture of a washing machine.  Gotta remember your kids dance class?  You guessed it, stickers with ballet slippers.  Why not just write these things down in your planner?  Because cute.  And because inside every woman is a little girl who loved to stick fuzzy kitten stickers all over her Lisa Frank trapper keeper.  

I like to justify buying stickers on Etsy by reminding myself (and others...) that these are small businesses, almost all run by moms, and small business shopping helps the economy.  Right?  Right.

Tights are not pants. 
But at the gym they are.  I got these from Target yesterday and wore them to do the elliptical after AquaFit last night.  I love that I was able to get a smaller size (my yoga pants at home are almost falling off me -- yay!!) and they are tight and firming, without cutting off circulation.  Always a win.

Mossimo @ Target

My Valentine :)

He sent me flowers at work.

They make my boring desk look pretty.  Love my babe ;)  So looking forward to my massage tomorrow and then going out and eating way too much Chinese food and probably seeing a crappy movie.  I know you're jealous.

So there you have it.  Two posts in one because I'm awesome like that.  

Happy Friday & Happy Valentine's Day!  
Hug someone you love and eat a lot of chocolate!! :)


  1. Yay! Congrats girl! That's great! I'm on the slow wagon weight loss plan, but I'll get there too! It doesn't come off as easily after the second baby!

    Happy Valentine's Day! I miss blogging with you - let's catch up soon!

    1. Thank you!! Definitely harder after the second one. I miss it too! :)

  2. I love those pants from Target. I'm kicking myself for not getting them!

    1. And so inexpensive!! The tag says 14.99 but I just looked at my receipt and they rang up $12!! :)