Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: A Respectable Milestone

Woo to the freaking Hoo!!

Today I got on the scale and the numbers before me were........

wait for it...



Guys.  You.  GUYS.  That is 30 lbs down from my starting weight.  


I'm a little excited.

And kind of surprised.  I feel like I haven't been doing that well -- not tracking my dinners as avidly (is that word?) and snacking here and there -- so I was kind of preparing myself for a gain, or at the very least, no change from last week's 193. But no sir/ma'am.  190.4.  It feels so good to type that.  This is exactly what I needed to give me another little boost.  

Last week I noticed my size 14 Target Levis were getting a little baggy in the butt, so when I left work on Friday I stopped by my old jeans standby, Old Navy.  I started looking at the Sweetheart style (what I usually buy) but the Flirts were on sale.  Like $15 a pair.  So I decided I'd try them in a size 12.  Again, preparing myself for not even being able to get them over my ankles, I was SHOCKED when all I had to do was a little jumping and sucking to get them on and buttoned.  

Please God excuse my horrible hair, but look! Size 12s!!  Yes I know there is a sizable muffin top but I. Do. Not. Care.  

apparently size 12 jeans make your feet complete disappear.  magic I tell you.

Now, I tried on a regular length pair and a pair of longs because I like to wear the longer ones with boots (which I still haven't found yet, but I was planning ahead).  Both pairs I tried on were dark and they fit fine, so I went back out to see if they had the regular length ones in a lighter color (you know, for everyday as opposed to "fancy" dark jeans).  They did, and they were on sale too so I bought them and went home to show Jerry.  WELL.  The lighter size 12Rs apparently aren't the EXACT same size as the darker ones.  They took a lot more jumping and squatting to get into.  But I didn't take them back because I KNOW they will fit perfectly soon.  

And hopefully not long after they do, they will start to be loose in the butt just like the 14s (which is why I'm glad they were only $15 a pair!). 

So excited about being able to change my "pounds lost" to 30. And my pounds to go to 25.  I now have LESS weight to lose than I have already lost.  That makes no sense.  But you know what I mean.  YIPPPEEEEEE.  

Now on to those last 25 -- and hopefully some kind of strength training and firming to cure the "busted can of biscuits" feelings. :)

Here are some words of wisdom I use to keep me motivated; and you can too!




Maybe if I keep posting quotes & memes my mom won't realize there aren't any pictures of the girls in this post.  Clearly my 2015 goal of taking more pictures is going swimmingly....

Have a great day!

FYI - I wasn't paid by either Target or Old Navy to talk about their jeans.  I just like giving you details.


  1. Awesome, you look great! I love the quotes too. :)

    1. Thank you! I feel great! Gotta love Pinterest ;)