Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites - 1.16.15

Today is going to be quick.  

Wednesday was my favorite day this week.  My scale was nice :)  
HERE's that post if you missed it.

I took this picture this week.  Emily had made a "camera" out of her Tinker Toys and she insisted I take a picture of the three of them.  Thought it was worth it to get an actual picture too.  The lighting is horrible and I was rushed.  It's SO blurry -- and even more so because I had to crop out Jerry's socks -- BUT I love it.  Emily's actually looking/smiling and Caroline's face... well.

I took this one last night.  Jerry was working and I had used up all my patience at bath time, so I gave them their tablets and let them play a little before bed.  #bestmomever

Caroline is usually the little ham, but she was too busy to even say "Cheeeee".
Emily completely ignored me as always.

Tomorrow morning Emily has dance and then we are hosting a meeting of our community kids club to plan a Valentine's Day party :)  After that, I plan on doing very little.  Except definitely watch some football.  I'm hoping our Packers can pull off a miracle against Seattle, but I'm prepared for the worst... 
(then it will be look-forward-to-baseball time!!)

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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  1. I love you guys!! Thank you for the pics and updates. :-)