Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Update: Sick of Being Sick

I should've bought stock in Lysol wipes and Purell.  #truespeak

I don't want to relive the details of this week, and I can guarantee you don't want to read about them.  Suffice to say, this week was sick.  And not in any kind of good way.  

Our niece and nephew were here starting last Sunday.  Starting in the wee hours of Monday morning, everyone in our house began to pass around a stomach bug, on top of most of us already having head colds/runny noses/coughs.  Ugh.  But I think (and sincerely hope) that everyone is on the upswing and life as we know it can resume this week.

So our weekend was basically headline-free; except yesterday, since no one was puking and nobody had a fever and EVERYBODY needed to get out of the house, we took the gang to the mall to pick out a new pair of shoes for Caroline (her first real walking shoes).

At times we were feeling good enough to play dress up:

And Caroline says: "Oh my goodness! Mommy is still sucking at taking more pictures!"

Let me leave you with some images of people having some awesome Mondays:

Man I hate when I get two lemons in my Starburst pack!

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