Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monthly Snapshot - September 2014

Apparently my blog posts now just consist of Monthly Snapshots.  I need to change that....stat.

Snapshot - September 2014

Emily Jane
Blurry -- but a REAL smile :)

Age:  Four -- still little miss preteen.  She actually told me "whatever, mom" this morning.

Clothes size: 5T or kids XS (4/5)

Shoe size: 10W

Food: Basically her same old stuff -- PBJ, chicken nuggets, yogurt, fruit cups, etc.

Book(s):  The fall/Halloween books I got out a few weeks ago.

TV Show(s): Paw. Patrol. nonstop...

Toy(s): She just got a new "Anna" Barbie for getting all her routine chart stickers the other day.  She also has the Elsa doll and she loves playing with them; taking their clothes & shoes off... She's loving her Princess cupcake board game, and she's been coloring and using some paper punches I let her have.  Getting creative!

She has been the first in line to go into ballet class the past two weeks.  The two weeks before that she didn't even want to go in, so this is huge for her.

We've starting working on her not getting out of bed or calling us into her room a million times after lights out.  That's one of the reasons she has the routine chart I mentioned above.  If she doesn't get out of bed and she doesn't call out for us, she gets a check; along with checks for getting her PJs on, brushing her teeth and going potty, etc.  Each day that she gets all her checks, she gets a sticker on a cute little reward chart.  Then, when she gets 10 stickers she gets to pick a special prize, like going to the bounce house for an hour or picking a new toy at Target, or whatever (within reason).  She got her first 10 stickers this week and she chose the Anna doll (even though all month she's been saying that she wants to go to the bounce house when she gets all her checks -- fickle kid, I tell you).  SO proud of her!!

This is the type of reward chart we are using.

Still having the odd bathroom accident... She usually just doesn't really think she has to poop until it ends up on her panties.  Then she hates to sit down and actually poop.  It's a journey.


Caroline Elizabeth

Age: 14 mos in September (but as I'm writing this on Oct 2, I'm about to take her to her 15 mo doctor's appointment... eek)

Clothes Size: extra large

Shoe Size: toddler size 5, but she hates shoes on, hates walking -- she's a lazy potato (and that is said with extreme quantities of love)


Food: All the foods. Except lettuce (but she makes a cute face when she's spitting it back out -- I think it's the texture).

Book: She likes looking at the mini My First Look and Find books, and her "baby faces" book she got from the doctor at her 1 year visit.

Toy: She's not too picky about toys lately.  But she almost never wants whatever I hand her.  (not sure that makes sense)  She's an independent girl (except for the whole not walking thing), and she likes to wander off and go into Emily's room and pull out all her toys... then wander back out as if nothing happened.  She has discovered the joy of coloring with crayons (and eating them, apparently), and she still loves a phone (or anything she can pretend is a phone).

She actually took her "first steps" this month at daycare.  She had already taken one or two, like in between the couches, but without holding on.  But at daycare, Patti lured her with cereal and she took about four steps in a row.  I have been trying to make it a point to have her walk from the van to the door at daycare (I'm holding her hand); I need her to know that this being carried thing is not permanent.

Lately she's been fussy -- not sure if she's starting to get her 1 year molars or what it is, but she sure is acting like a pill lately.  

She's also been waking up anywhere between 2am-5am lately and taking a long time to get herself back to sleep.  This morning she actually woke up at 5am and refused to go back to sleep so I put her TV on and went back to bed for an hour.  I hate doing that... but I did notice when I went back in that she wasn't really even watching the TV.  She glanced at it every few minutes, but she was playing in her crib most of the time.  I think maybe she's starting to realize that she's alone in there and she wants company.  But sorry girlfriend, not at 5am.

The most exciting thing that happened to me personally this month was that my Erin Condren Life Planner finally arrived!!! I know it's sad, but that's what really gets me going.  Paper, calendars & organizing.  I didn't love my cover when it arrived (long story, but anyway -- the covers are interchangable) so I ordered a completely different one and I can't wait to get it.
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I have two goals this month: take TONS more pictures (isn't it sad there are only 2 good photos for each of my girls in this post??) and blog more -- even if my blog posts are just funny anecdotes or a recipe I've tried.  I want to be in this space more.

Happy Friday Eve, all!!

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