Monday, July 28, 2014

The Serious Hula

So, the other day, for some reason, we were talking about how Emily's uncle Jeff is in Hawaii for work.  She asked me where "Hawaiian" is and I explained to her that it's a "whole nother" state out in the middle of the ocean, far away.  I told her it's where Lilo lives and she said "oh with the skirts and the hulas?"  Yep.  Exactly.  

The conversation kind of petered out but then a couple days after, when we got home from school she took all her clothes off (this is her norm... she likes to be naked... I dunno we just roll with it) and tucked her raggy into her panties, like a hula skirt.  She came up to me with the most serious look on her face and said "Mommy, I want to show you my hula dance; but don't laugh at it."

When she said that it was like a smack in the face, but I didn't have time to process it, because she was starting her hula dance.  I watched and told her it was awesome and she was a very beautiful hula dancer.  The whole time she had the most serious look on her face and almost looked like she was shy or self-conscious.  I felt so bad... I almost cried afterwards when she went back into her room and went on about her business.

Do I laugh at her when she shows me things that are totally serious and important to her?  I can't remember doing that..... but I must have, if she had to make a point to tell me not to laugh.  I would NEVER demean or tease her (on purpose!) so it hurts to think that she would be afraid of me making fun of her dancing.  

I don't want this to be a super-deep post about how and when kids learn to be self-conscious, but this little moment definitely made me stop and think about how I want to show my girls that what is important to them is EQUALLY important to me.  

Anyway, I know you've been dying to see pictures of my little hula girl, so without further ado....

So serious!

Trying not to look at me?

The butt cheek.  I die.
She really does do a great hula dance (even though she looks more like a waitress at Olive Garden).

And, in the interest of equal air time....

...this little stinker has been showing more and more of her sassy little personality lately.  And I love it.

So I guess the moral of the story is, make sure your kids know that you think they're awesome....but also, kids will eventually need to learn the excellent life lesson of not giving a crap what other people think.  Gotta let that freak flag (or raggy) fly sometimes!

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