Friday, July 25, 2014

My Friday Favorites!

I've been following the blog Momfessionals for a couple months now... her kids are so stinking cute and she has really great taste in clothes (I wish I had half her closet... and was her size so I could fit in it).  Anyway, she and a couple other bloggers just started a new linkup, Friday Favorites.  


You guys know I love me a good linkup... I probably won't post Favorites every Friday, but today I have a few things I'm excited about.  So here we go.


...My birthday is September 3rd and if anyone who reads this would like to get me a present, my first choice is a gift card to  I live to plan/organize/write things down with cute colored pens, so pretty much this woman is my hero.  I really want a Classic Life Planner (along with everything else on the site) but just can't bring myself to pull the trigger on a $50 planner (I might still do it... Christmas is only a few months away after all).

Classic Life Planner in Scales (custom color)

I don't know why I keep coming back to this design.  She has so many beautiful patterns to choose from, and I'm not particularly fond of scales, but something about this screams orderly (pattern) but with a little fun mixed in... I love that they are all personalized -- I like my name on things.  And they are just so jam-packed with organizational goodies.  No this isn't an Erin Condren ad -- I wish I was getting paid to say all this -- EC holla at your girl... :)


...Ummmm, August 9th is right around the corner, friends.  Which one of my lovely local buddies has Starz network and wants to let me come veg in front of your TV for an hour every Saturday night?  And could you also watch my kids?  kthanks.



...Our little Williamsburg trip is fast approaching (yay!!) and I think there might be a few things I need to pick up before we leave.  Besides a couple Xanax to get me through being away from my girls for four days :*(...

Ugh, but other than that, I think I need at least a couple cute outfits: 

Old Navy

Old Navy

And also, I was happy to learn that Victoria's Secret still carries the shampoo & conditioner I used around the time of our wedding & honeymoon, so I'll be getting some of that, too:

Smells SO good :)

So those are my favorites this week.  What are yours??  Link up HERE!

Remember: September 3rd... gift card :)

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