Thursday, May 22, 2014

Three Delicious Meals - Food Review

I was going to do separate posts for my "May Challenge" food reviews but I'm kinda feeling like this: 

{Classy Sweet Brown}

So I'll just sum it up for you.  In the last week or so, we have tried three of the recipes I pinned:  BBQ Pulled Pork SandwichesTaco Lettuce Wraps, and Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas.  

They were all delicious.  We made a couple tweaks, added/subtracted a couple non-essential ingredients, and Emily decided to make her pizza quesadilla open-faced (aka just a pizza on a tortilla). 

So here we go: 

Cheapest plates ever.  I found four of these at Target about 7 years ago for 75 cents each. They are melamine and completely trashed -- but still cute.

The $14 pork shoulder I bought (I don't remember how many lbs it was, but it fit snugly in my regular crock pot) made SO much leftovers.  YUM.

The recipe says to shred the pork and then put it an a whole bottle of BBQ sauce in the crock pot and cook a bit longer.  I decided to get a bottle of this amazing sauce from a local BBQ place and at $5 a bottle I kind of wanted to be a bit more sparing. Plus the place I got it from normally serves up their BBQ plain and you add your own sauces, so we just did it that way.

We made the fries by just cutting up a few potatoes lengthwise and coating them with olive oil.  We shook on some Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning, and baked them at 400 for about 30 minutes, turning every 10 so all the sides get nice and crispy.  Soooo yum.

My favorite all-purpose side dish -- fruit salad.  (yummy yummy)

We used Pampered Chef's Tex Mex Rub for the taco meat in the lettuce wraps.  That stuff is so good.  Side note: I never realized how much I loved sour cream.  Bad news.

Don't ask why we broke out the "good" plates for the least fancy dinner of the three.
The melamines were probably sitting in the dishwasher..

This was probably THE easiest of the three extremely easy meals we made.  You could probably even skip the first step of frying the pepperoni to crisp it up, but it did make for a good layer of grease in the pan (even after I drained it) to brown the tortillas nicely.  See how I pretend like I know how to cook?  And if you look closely at the picture, I attempted to get artsy and sprinkled some parmesan "shake cheese" on my little plop of pizza sauce.  It backfired and a huge clump came out.  BUT it tasted SO good.

I think I may have mentioned already just how EASY all of these meals were to make -- so simple that even I couldn't really screw them up.  Yeah they're not exactly healthy, but when you need a quick dinner and you don't care about calories, these are top contenders as far as I'm concerned.

Oh btw, these recipes are so EASY and they were all exactly as yummy as they look.  :)

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