Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm Still Blogging & Creepy Preschooler Art

If there's anyone out there (other than my family) that reads this blog, I'm still alive and still do plan on blogging.  I just haven't really had much of anything interesting to say lately.  And I will never post just to post.  I don't write this blog for statistics or followers -- don't get me wrong, I am SO thankful and excited that people want to read my blog and choose to follow along, but I'm not worried about the number of followers I get or how many of my posts are pinned or how much I'm making on Adsense (spoiler: my balance for the last eight months is $2.41).  

I'm grateful for anyone who wants to read what I write and always thrilled when I receive a comment.  I hope my readers get something out of my posts -- even if it's just a laugh. 


Anyway, life is good, we are happy... 

This past weekend, Caroline had pink eye:
But true to form, still pretty much the happiest little girl ever.  Look at that face :*(

I had/still have some kind of virus which includes green mucus (I won't elaborate). 

Jerry and Emily saw Rio 2 at "da movie feeter". 

I worked through of a big pile of Emily's daycare art projects (which means I took a picture of each one and then recycled them... I keep a few favorites for posterity or something).  Please don't ask me WTF this is supposed to be: 
It's kind of amazing, very busy... but mostly I'm just scared.

We need a new air handler, apparently.

And pictures of my kids:

Rare photo of Emily in pajamas rather than a nightgown.  #whatisshelookingat

That face.

So... there's that.  Take it ALL in.

Do you have seasonal allergies?

Does your kid draw unsettling (yet sorta genius) pictures?


  1. I do still read your blog and your post(s) do make me laugh! :-) That sucks about Caroline! I don't know if you nurse or formula feed, but I heard breast milk cures pink eye, just FYI.

    1. She's formula-fed now, and getting close to being on regular milk soon -- but that's definitely good to know :) Glad you're hanging with me and the blog; and that you get a laugh out of my posts! Happy hump day!