Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Daily Reads -- Two Posts in One

Just stopping in real quick, in between trips to the auto repair shop* to share a few of my favorite blogs/daily stalks reads...

Oh sorry.. didn't hear you come in.

If you're looking for some fun blogs to read, you know, other than Making Sure to Laugh (hint: that's the blog you're currently reading) here's a list of some I'm loving right now: 

I LOVE Andrea's style and all three of her kids are too stinking cute for words.  Check out one of my favorite recent posts HERE.

How cute are they?!

Jessica's blog is a must read.  She has incredible style, a sweet toddler and a brand new baby girl!  I LOVE how she decorated her big girl, Harper's room, and cannot get over the details in Eloise's nursery.

I'm sorry, what?  Love those flower knobs!
(from Eloise's Nursery post, linked above)

I get excited whenever there's a new post from Natasha, especially when it's about her sweet little girls, Caroline and Carson.  Carson is only a few weeks older than my baby Caroline -- clearly we both have excellent taste in girls' names.  Anyway, Natasha throws the most amazing-looking parties and I just love reading about her party plans and then seeing pictures of the actual event.  She also just started her own children's clothing company, Sugar Bit, and I want Every. Thing.

Inspiration Board for her daughter's 1st birthday... umm yeah

Ok so Chelsea's blog is another of my daily reads.  I showed Emily a video interview Cheslea did with her daughter, Alea, and now she wants to watch it all the time.  She thinks she and Alea are friends.  She waves good-bye to Alea at the end.  It's really cute, and not weird at all... Anyway, Chelsea has great taste and does lots of fun reviews and giveaways.  Click HERE to see the video interview with little Alea.

To prove that I actually do read other blogs, not just ones written by girls I wish I was friends with IRL, here's a blog I love that has nothing to do with toddler eating habits, diapering, or the movie Frozen.  That's not to say that I wouldn't want to be friends with Laura in real life, because I totally would.  She also has two girls, though they are both potty trained :)  Regardless, I love her taste/style/talents when it comes to repurposing and decorating with vintage items.  And, how can you not love a blog post whose title starts with "When Hoarding Pays Off"?

From the blog post When Hoarding Pays Off...A Leather Chair Makeover

So there are a few of my must-read blogs; I follow them and about a million others on Bloglovin'.  Do yourself a favor (and waste EVEN more time on the Internet) and go check them out!

*So yeah... I was told last Friday that there was a leak in my coolant reservoir, so I went to a junkyard and got (what I thought was) a replacement off another 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Get to the repair shop and it's a windshield washer fluid reservoir... yeah because I'm an idiot and didn't look at the cap and READ THE WORDS... anyway while I'm calling the junkyard telling them I got the wrong part, the guys at the repair shop have removed the coolant reservoir and are now turning it over in their hands trying to pin point the leak.  Spoiler Alert: there ISN'T ONE.  
Yeah, there's a leak all right, but it's not in the reservoir.  Well, ma'am, it could be the water pump; it could be a lower hose, could be a freeze plug... Excellent.  Thanks.  Shoot me now. 
On top of that, I have no brake lights.  You read that right.  NO brake lights.  And I currently only have one tail light that works because there's some kind of electrical wiring problem inside the actual light.  It's a miracle I haven't gotten pulled over yet.  And because I said that, be sure to check my social media tonight for a picture of my traffic ticket... Anyway, I guess it could be a lot worse, and I should be thankful I even have a vehicle, but what I really want to do is drive over to the Honda dealership... 



  1. I'm always left wondering where these Moms find time to plan parties like that, I'm always stressing myself out over every detail, My husband keeps pushing me to start my own wedding planning/party planning business, He must think I'm much more crafty/organized then I actually AM. HA!!