Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monthly Snapshot - April 2014

SO... it's May.  Not sure how that happened, but I do kind of feel like I have my stuff together today because I'm doing April's snapshot and it's not the second week of May.  Go me!

Snapshot - April 2014

Emily Jane

This is what I get when I ask her to "smile pretty"... oh and #babyphotobomb

Age:  3 years and 10 months :(

Clothes size: mostly all 5T now

Shoe size: 9W

Food: Breakfast foods -- cereal, pahn-cakes (why is she British?), bacon, eggs.  And there's always the old standby, PBJ.

Book(s):  We've been reading a lot of princess stories out of her Princess Bedtime Stories book, but she still loves her Look and Find books (she's really good at them, and Grammie got her a harder L&F activity book that she's working on now); and all of her Golden Books too.  She looks at the back of some of the newer ones, where they show pictures of other Golden Books you can get, and she has this really sad look on her face and says, in the smallest voice, "I wish I had the [insert whichever book she doesn't have but wants] Golden Book..."  It's almost enough to break your heart...if it weren't so fake.

TV Show(s):  Still watching a lot of Paw Patrol and Disney Jr.  Trying to mix it up lately with some Sprout thrown in here and there.  She still loves Caillou and will watch it whenever it's on.

Toy(s): All of a sudden she's really into her Little People Princess Castle, and has started playing more with her MobiGo.  She gets really excited when we go downstairs and play in the play area -- I got her some new dry erase markers and it was like Christmas.

She's finally started allowing me to brush her teeth with real (fluoride) toothpaste more.  Not every night, but most nights.  I think soon we'll be able to stop buying prescription fluoride tablets.  And maybe, just maybe, one day she'll be able to actually brush her teeth by herself.  As it is, she just sort of runs the brush across her teeth, once over her tongue and announces that she's done.  Not quite, babe.

I really wish she would be more independent in some things.  I know for a fact that she can literally dress herself top to bottom because I've seen her do it.  But usually I have to do everything for her.  I would love to refuse and just wait her out, but sometimes you have to get out the door on time.  But I'm sure when she does finally find her independence I'll be wishing she would let me do things for her... so I'm not too upset about it.


Caroline Elizabeth
I really wish I could take credit for this photo, but it was taken by the mother of a friend at a birthday party.  So beautiful is my sweet Caroline.

Age: 10 Months!

Clothes Size: 18-24 months/2T (yea... I know)

Shoe Size: little foots


Food: any kind of bread, especially tortillas; just about anything she can eat by herself.  Ain't nobody got time fo' bein' fed with a spoon!

Book: She loves playing with Emily's little Look & Find books.  They are chunky board books and the perfect size for her chubby little hands.

Toy: the TV remote.  We took the batteries out of one we don't use and gave it to her to play with, but she still wants the one we are using.  She's hip to our game.

But ahhhh look at that face!

The other night we were playing in Emily's room and I was holding Caroline's hands while she was in a standing position.  I let go her hands and she actually stayed standing for about 5 seconds.  She wobbled back and forth a little but didn't fall down.  She hasn't done it again since though.

AND, can finally get her foot out from under here when she's trying to go from sitting to crawling position.  BUT, once she gets on her belly, she doesn't know what to do next.  She just kind of flails her arms and legs and eventually gets frustrated and whines until we pick her up and put her on her butt again.  Then she gets back on her belly and the game starts over...

See above.

Oh, hey, look -- Emily's wearing that purple nightgown again...

Happy Pre-Friday, all!


  1. So cute!!! My mom got that castle for Savanna but she hasn't played with it yet. Looks so cute!!