Wednesday, April 9, 2014

10 Things That Make Me Happy

I'm linking up with Karissa for Day 9 of her April Blog Challenge.  Today's prompt is to write ten things that make you happy.  This should be easy...

My girls.

This Guy:

My family.  
Some of them are loud, some of them are proud, all of them are weird.  And I love them.

Paying bills. 
No, really. Paying bills.  It makes me happy to know that while we don't live a glamorous lifestyle -- and I STILL don't have my Honda Odyssey -- we can pay all of our bills without worrying (too much) about next month... We don't go on fancy trips, we don't go out a lot period (going out in public with kids is usually more trouble than it's worth, amirite?!), BUT we can pay our bills and buy a pair of shoes or two now and then.  

Pedicures & massages.  
I don't think this needs an explanation.

Once everyone goes to bed, if I can manage to keep my eyes open for at least another half an hour, I like to read.  Right now, of course, it's A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

My job.
I've written about how thankful I am for my job before.  I still am.  My job makes me happy because I like what I do and I like who I work with.  We have a lot of fun and there's very little drama since I work with all guys.  And occasionally, I get to see Jerry during the day (we work for the same company). 

Warmer weather.
It's supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow.  You guys.  I want to cook out, go to baseball games & wear shorts.  Except for that last one.  Euuggh no shorts.

{Except I'm the guy in this situation}

Let me qualify.  I like when things are clean, not the actual act of cleaning things.  Really, though, I do like to clean.  I just have to be in the right (aka not lazy) mood.  And it helps if the house is empty.  Trying to vacuum while Emily is trying to help me vacuum is frustrating; which is the reason my floors are usually covered in a layer of crushed Cheerios, leaves, and my hair.  But I love when I'm finished and the house is sparkling and everything is where it should be.  For a few minutes at least. 


Twix ice cream bars.
I don't think this one needs an explanation either.

What makes you happy?   


  1. I like your list. I agree. with #9. Having things clean makes me happy but not so much the cleaning.

  2. I love having a clean and organized house that feels like home, but actually doing the cleaning and organizing ... not so much. Oh, well. I guess I just have to watch that episode of Hoarders. Hah!