Friday, April 11, 2014

Monthly Snapshot - March 2014

Snapshot - March 2014

SO, yeah it's April... but I've been busy.  And lazy.  You know how it goes.

Emily Jane

Age:  3.75 :) July 13 is coming fast... 

Clothes size: 4 & 5T

Shoe size: 9W

Food: Pudding.  She obsesses over "va-lilla" pudding.

Book: She is getting back into her 5 Minute Princess Stories book.


TV Show(s): Sofia the First &
Paw "Control" (the show is actually called Paw Patrol)

Toy(s):  She's been playing a lot more with her blocks, Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Heads and Barbies.  She had no interest in them for a while but now she will take one bin out and dump it on the floor and play Barbies for a while, then she takes another bin out and dumps it on the floor and plays Mr. Potato Heads for a while...

Milestones are coming a little slower at this point, but she still amazes me every day with what she knows.  She told me that her stuffed "Hallie" (Doc McStuffins' nurse) was made of fabric, a word I didn't know she knew.  She recognizes all her letters and numbers and can count to 30 and sometimes higher.

One day a few weeks ago she was playing with her blocks downstairs and there was a spider on one of the blocks.  She screamed and then called for me to come get it.  So I squished it and flushed it and she goes "is it DEAD?"... ever since she's been afraid of ANY bug (Jerry had to kill a gnat at Applebee's the other day because she was practically in tears and said she wanted to go home) and she also thinks there are snakes under her bed.  Every night we have to check for snakes & spiders under the bed.  She tells me that she has bad dreams about snakes getting her... no idea where the snake thing came from.  I think it's just a passing phase, but it's hard for me to tell her not to be afraid of spiders since I can't stand them..

{I think I might be able to use this to get a silhouette cameo done of her...}


Caroline Elizabeth

Age: 8 months (well 9 months now, but in March she was 8 months)

Clothes Size: 12-18 months

Shoe Size: still not wearing shoes, but she is starting to flatten her feet out more, instead of curling her toes under all the time.  Unfortunately for her, she has my feet :(


Food: Food.  Seriously, this kid will eat anything.  I'm so glad.  I know that won't last so I'm taking advantage of it while it does.

Book: When she went for her 9 month check up, they gave her a board book with baby faces on every page.  She loves it & can actually kind of turn the pages. So sweet.

Toy:  I (well, Jerry) recently got a bin of Emily's old toys down from the attic and we've been dusting them off and putting new batteries in them.  But she also loves to sit on the floor in Emily's room and play with some of Emily's "big girl" toys.  Emily lets her borrow her plush Minnie Mouse, and sometimes gives her a couple big Legos to bang together.  Caroline loves a ball.  Any ball.  And anything she can put in her mouth, of course..


She's still not crawling yet.  BUT you put her down on her butt and she can pretty much get wherever she wants to go by scooting.  She leans over and puts her hands down like she's going to get on all fours, but then she can't get her front leg back behind her.  I think there might be too much thunder thigh and spare tire in her way.  She gets frustrated after a while and just wants you to pick her up.  She will get there.  She likes to "stand" while holding onto the coffee table.

Right now the biggest challenge is I can't get her to sleep in past 6:00am.  Nothing has really changed except she's eating more table food and less formula, but that should really make her sleep longer because I feel like she's getting more food.  She isn't really a fan of her bottles anymore, although she CAN hold them herself!  She goes down between 7:30 and 8:00 and then she's awake by 6am, sometimes 5:30.  Ugh.

So excited for Easter.. we are going down to my dad's for a dinner & an egg hunt.  Taking our Easter baskets along so that the girls can open them that morning.  Hopefully soon I can get my stuff together long enough to put a post together on what's in their baskets.  Because I know you all are on the edge of your seats to see them....

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  1. Aww poor baby! I hope she gets over the fear of bugs! I know a lot of people who are scared of spiders. I don't know what it is about spiders that scare people...maybe their scrawny long legs? I guess they look creepy. My family isn't scared of them though. My uncle actually just grabs them by hand and put them outside the house when he sees them haha