Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Highlights 3.10.14

A day late (and several dollars short)...

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This weekend my mom, uncle (who has Down syndrome & lives with my mom), my sister and her daugther came up for a visit!!  We did a little shopping, a little hotel pool swimming, and a lot of eating :)

Emily was on cloud nine playing with her cousin Abby all weekend. 

They swam in the hotel pool (Emily tried to give me several heart attacks by jumping in from the side and not wanting to be in her floaty or let me hold her).  They played dress up, they watched movies, they ate all the chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese.  And surprisingly, there were very few fights...

Miss Caroline had a couple firsts this weekend - she had her first ride in the "big girl" part of the stroller: 

{Excuse the blurry photo -- I snatched it from my sister's FB}
And, she had a bunch of new foods -- rewind for a sec to Wednesday when her pediatrician said she can start having table food (what?!).  So Thursday night we made chicken alfredo and I gave her some cut up chicken, little pieces of noodles (without sauce) and some broccoli.  She LOVED it all, but I was pleasantly surprised that she loved the broccoli the most.  I did worry about giving her so many new foods at once, but my mom's a nurse and my sister's in nursing school, so I figured if there was ever a good time to do it, it would be with them around :)  She did great and didn't have any bad reactions -- mainly her reaction was wanting MORE. 


Sunday morning I gave her cut up pancakes and she loooooved them.  

I also put the Pack 'n Play away this weekend.  I had been using it as a playpen for Caroline, but she hated being in it because she couldn't see everyone and she really couldn't move around much (couldn't do her backwards scoot).  So I packed it up and now she either plays in her "jump-jump" (Exersaucer) or on a blanket on the floor.  She is getting SO close to crawling.  Getting up on her knees and rocking.  But she still gets stuck on her belly and won't flip back over.  

It is so bittersweet for me -- it gets so much easier as they get older, but I miss my baby.  It's almost like she's another person because she's doing all these new things.  But she is a lot of fun; and I'm glad she is getting closer to being able to really play with Emily.  

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Then Sunday night we went over to Jerry's brother's house for dinner -- snow crab legs, shrimp, rockfish bites.. and rotisserie chicken... -- and Emily had a ball playing with her little cousin Jeffrey.  Caroline even got down on the floor and played with the "big" kids.  Mommy had a couple Mike's Hard Pink Lemonades.  It was a nice evening :)

So that was my weekend.  How about yours?
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  1. I can see the resemblance between Emily and Abby. They do look like cousin =P Oh my god, I would get a heart attack too if I see Maylee jumping from the side of the pool, too! I should probably put her in one of those swimming lessons! I haven't even started using our Pack N Play yet! hahaha Maybe we will start using it at the end of the month when we move in our new house! When did you start using your Pack N Play?

    1. we started using the Pack n Play just after Christmas -- Caroline was 6 months