Thursday, March 6, 2014

Monthly Snapshot February 2014

Snapshot - February 2014

Emily Jane

Age:  3 1/2
Clothes size: 4 & 5T
Shoe size: 9W

Food: Chicken nuggets & cereal (usually not together)

Book: She has gotten back into her 5 Minute Princess Stories books.  The other night we had to read a Cinderella story, a Rapunzel story, and an Ariel story, because those three princesses were on the nightgown she was wearing.  Of course.

TV Show(s): Her new favorite is Sheriff Callie's Wild West.  I just found out Mandy Moore is the voice of Callie -- and does a funny/horrible "western" accent.


Toy(s):  Caroline's toys.

She can write her name! And most of the alphabet letters.

(this picture was taken on March 5, but she has been able to do this for a couple weeks)
She can also identify numbers; they did a project where she had to match a number to the same number of dots, and she did them all right -- by herself!

Well she won't nap at home anymore.  But that's more of a challenge for me.  She knows how to dress herself for the most part, but usually she refuses.  I think it's partly laziness and partly pushing her boundaries.  Either way, I'm over it -- she is the least independent preschooler I've ever met.


Caroline Elizabeth

Age: 8 months
Clothes Size: 12 months (some 9mo stuff still fits, depends on brand)
Shoe Size: still not wearing shoes; still has tiny feet :)


Food: We tried yogurt for the first time about a week ago and she loved it.  Kept smacking her lips together and cried when it was gone. She also really digs the puffs I've been offering her.  She stares us down when we are eating, even after she just ate.  Piggy hog.

Book: She doesn't really have a favorite.  She enjoys being in the room when I'm reading Emily's bedtime stories, but lately she's been going to bed before storytime.  She does really like to chew and drool on a couple of the squeaky books she got for Christmas.

Toy:  She really loves her shape sorter.  She obviously doesn't actually sort the shapes yet, but she likes to dump the shapes out and play with the bucket; she likes to bang two shapes together, and chew on them.  She occasionally tries to fit a shap in one of the holes, but I don't think she really knows what she's doing yet.

She is officially a pro at sitting.  We are getting SO close to crawling.  When she's on her stomach, she is starting to get her knees up under her, and she can actually scoot backwards.  She made it all the way down the hallway once.

We have also started giving her water in a sippy cup; most of the water ends up all over her, but she knows how to bite the spout to make the water come out.  So big!

Teething.  Again/still/always.
And it's like she forgot how to roll from her stomach to her back.  She gets on her tummy and then screams because she can't get back.  Or won't.  I have seen her do it, so I know she knows how.  Once she starts crawling and putting herself into a sitting position, I think that issue will resolve itself.

Growing so fast.  Love these two so much.


  1. Oh my goodness, Amanda! Your daughters are so adorable! I am glad that Emily can write her name now, as well as the entire alphabet, and recognize numbers. That is so exciting! I especially love reading your posts about Caroline because she's not too far older than Maylee. I just brought Maylee to her 6 month doctor appointment and he said we could give her some water in sippy cups too. How much water do you give her in the sippy cups? half way? fill it up? I just don't know! haha

  2. I just started with a couple ounces at first. Most of it will probably go down the front if her shirt ;)