Monday, February 10, 2014

Monthly Snapshot January 2014

Snapshot - January 2014

Emily Jane

Age: 3 
Clothes size: 4 & 5T
Shoe size: 9W, but I just realized her rain boots are 12s, and they fit..

Food:  Pretty much nothing lately.  Since she's been sick, she's eating like a bird.  I would say the only thing she devours is chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and PBJ at lunch.

Book: All of her Golden Books -- a couple of my old ones and a few new Disney Jr. ones I found around Christmas time.

TV Show(s): Anything on Disney Jr, as usual, but especially Jake & Sofia.

Toy(s):  Still dress up, she is always in one of her princess costumes, always has high heels on, and most of the time, must have her "ambulet" (amulet) on.

I got her "big girl panties" just after Christmas.  Yeah, she's been potty trained since October and wearing panties, but this is the first time I got her panties from the Girls' section instead of the Toddlers/Baby section.  She's in size 6 underwear (which doesn't follow 4T=size 4, etc; it's based on weight & waist size).


Lately it's been not wanting to take off her nightgown.  Someone got her a nightgown last year for her birthday and she loved it.  She wore it a lot but once she pooped in it and it was so disgusting we just threw it away.  Well that was in the Fall and she kept talking about wanting a night gown, so I got her one for Christmas.  She has a drawer full of top & bottom PJs but she refuses to wear anything besides her nightgown.  It was in the wash the other day and she insisted on wearing a summer dress to bed because she couldn't possibly wear pants & a shirt.  CANNOT wait until this "princess" phase is over.  Or I'll have to just go buy all the nightgowns.


Caroline Elizabeth

Age: 7 months!
Clothes Size: mostly 12mo clothes now; some 9mo stuff still fits, but they aren't roomy.
Shoe Size: not sure, no shoes yet.  But I'm thinking about getting her some of those cute leather slipper thingys.


Food: She has tried almost all the veggies: green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, squash.  And pretty much all the fruits Gerber makes, like peaches, pears, apples, and bananas.  I can't wait to get out my Baby Bullet (that I got Christmas 2012) and make some pureed avocado or something..

Book: I read her Puff the Magic Dragon the other night while sitting on her bedroom floor and she loved it.  She banged on the "pages" (do you call them that when it's a board book?) and really seemed interested -- but probably more in eating the book than in listening to it.

Toy: Right now she LOVES her bathtime bongos.  We haven't put them in the bath yet, because her baths are still rather short -- she gets cold! -- and because even though they're made for it, I still get nervous about putting something that runs on batteries into standing water, with my infant.  But we give them to her when she's in her swing, or in her high chair after a meal, or in her pack n play when she's just chillin' being all big and sitting up.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Bathime Bongos

Sitting up and fruits.  She is officially a professional sitter.  That is, as long as you put her down in a sitting position. She's not to the point yet where she can bring herself to sitting from laying on her back or stomach.  But when she's sitting and leans really far forward to grab a toy, she can right herself immediately.  And she rarely falls backwards anymore...

Speaking of fruits & poop, her poor little tushy is having a hard time keeping up with the acidity or whatever in the fruits and maybe even the veggies and while I'm so pleased that she has no problem whatsoever pooping, all the stores nearby are going to run out of Desitin soon.  And she screams bloody murder when I wipe her butt.  Poor poor girl.

Right now? TEETH.  Yeah, not just a tooth.  But TWO sharp, bumpy little teeth that are poking through her tender little bottom gums right now.  She's being such a trooper, but I think she's starting to get ANOTHER cold -- add in a raw butt, and it's all just too much for her.  She hasn't been sleeping all that great, and she's been pretty fussy, especially in the evenings.   I think I've had it pretty good up till now, and I know that babies are basically "teething" from the time they are about 4 months to 2 or 2.5 years old.  So I guess I better get used to this.

Look verrrrry closely and you can see the two little teeth bumps.  This was earlier this week and they are already further up.  And I'm sorry, but how adorable is that hat.  I can't even.

Emily and Caroline, could you PLEASE stop growing so fast.  Mommy is having a hard time keeping up!  I love you so much even though you sometimes make me want to run out the front door...
I love this.

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