Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So What! Wednesday 1.8.14

Today I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" for So What! Wednesday:

So what?! if I...

...have been wearing my knockoff Ugg boots with jeans and sweatshirts to work?  It's cold and they told me I could wear whatever I wanted and it's one step up from pajamas.  Just one step, but a very important one, I think.

...have forgotten to give Emily her fluoride tablet and gummy vitamin for three days in a row?  Hopefully her teeth won't fall out and she won't break a bone or get rickets.  She did have a veggie/fruit "squeezie" in her lunch today.

...still give Emily squeezies even though they are baby food?? She likes them and it's pretty much the only way she gets any kind of green vegetable.

...will be buying size 4 diapers for Caroline (6 months old) this week?  She's a chunk and her thunder thighs are getting strangled in the size 3s.  

...ate most of the box of chocolates one of our subcontractors sent for the holidays?  You can't put a white chocolate lemon truffle in front of me and expect me not to snarfle it up in one bite. 

...just created the word "snarfle"?  Don't act like you won't use it in casual conversation today.  

(Damn.  Apparently I didn't invent snarfle.  Photo source)

...put Emily's PBJ on a bagel for lunch today because we only had bread heels left.  At least I remembered to pack her lunch! And she will probably love it.

...really want to take back my American Girl doll from Emily and sell it on eBay after reading this article on BuzzFeed?


So... what are you saying "so what?!" about this week?


  1. Your post made me giggle and "snarfle" a little! I'm sure your little girl is a cutie with those chunky legs! I love this link-up, might have to join next time!


    1. Hi Angi! Thanks for stopping by! Glad I could make you giggle & snarfle :)