Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Weekend & a Brain Dump

Well...if anyone is still following me, I am in fact alive.  I am not, however, here with an exciting post.  

The last couple weeks have been... well, basically shit.  Both girls and I have been sick.  Caroline ended up with an ear infection and bronchiolitis (inflammation of the bronchial passages - don't ask me how it's different than bronchitis).  This is her second ear infection, and second bout with the bronchio crap.  So she's been on antibiotics that turned her poop bright red (thanks a lot for the heads up on that one, doc; that wasn't alarming at ALL), and doing nebulizer treatments for the past week.  Her cough is finally gone (knock on wood) and she finished her antibiotics (so hopefully we'll be back to brown-green poop soon). 

Emily had a cough and runny nose too, but her ears and lungs stayed clear, thank GOOOODNESS.  It appears those tubes are doing their job -- even though they're all but hanging out of her ears.  Emily also insists that we call her Elsa -- she is so completely obsessed with the movie Frozen.  So every time you ask her to do something: "Emily can you please..." she comes right back with "Elsa, you mean?" and usually before you have even finished your sentence.  I read that you should embrace your child's obsessions and not try to fight them.  I hope she grows out of this one before Caroline starts talking and really thinks her sister's name is Elsa.  

Saturday we went to HomeGoods & Target, because I was trying to give Jerry some peace and quiet to rest.  The girls were actually really good.  I let Emily walk in HomeGoods (as opposed to making her ride in the cart) and she surprisingly didn't break anything.  Found a great wood & metal tray (that has French writing on it!) to use on our huge ottoman downstairs.  We've been looking for something to put drinks/food on because the ottoman needs to function as a coffee table too.  It was $18 and it was in my hands within seconds.  I also found a couple cute navy & white houndstooth rugs for my kitchen.  Need to do a quick Pinterest project and throw some beads of hot glue on the bottom so we don't keep slipping & sliding on them.  After HomeGoods, we went to Target and Emily and I enjoyed a cake pop and a slice of lemon pound cake.  Caroline enjoyed some formula.  Yum...  the girls were SO good while I browsed around Target -- I don't remember what I bought, but it probably wasn't necessary.  

Jerry's back has been getting worse since Thursday.  He has a couple bulging/ruptured discs, something (either one of the discs or the fluid leaking out of the ruptured one has hardened) is now pressing on the nerve and the pain is unbearable.  We ended up in the ER yesterday; we even had to arrive via ambulance because he couldn't make it to the car.  Standing is more than excruciating -- walking is basically impossible.  But then after coming in on a stretcher, they asked him to sit in a wheelchair and put him in the main waiting room.  I was so livid because the whole point (other than the fact that I couldn't carry him out of the house) of calling the ambulance was that we would be put into an ER room immediately -- like we were when Emily split her head open two Thanksgivings ago -- but NOOOOO.  So we waited forever and forever and finally they put him in a bed and gave him some drugs.  But again (we've been to the ER once before for this) they didn't try to fix the problem.  They sent us home with a bunch of prescriptions and directions to follow up with his doctors.  Well... duh.  He already had follow up appointments made.  The reason we ER'd it was because he COULD NOT WALK.  But whatever.  One appointment today and one Wednesday.  Somebody better figure out something quick because I definitely feel like we are at the "something's gotta give" point.  He just can't live like this.  I can't live like this.  

On a much happier note, Caroline is getting a tooth.  Actually, I'm pretty sure both of her bottom teeth are going to pop up around the same time.  I can feel the hard little bumps of one and I can see both just under the surface.  So exciting!!!  She had apples for the first time the other day; and while she did her "shudder" that she always does when she first tries something, she really seemed to like them.  Not that she'd ever turn down food even if she didn't particularly like it..

Caroline is also all of a sudden obsessed with ears.  If you are holding her, she will turn your head so that she can grab your ear and pull.  She will lean all the way over to see around your head and look at your ear.  It's weird but adorable.  She's doing so great sitting up and I swear she is the happiest baby.  As long as she's not alone.  If you put her in the swing or exersaucer or play yard, and then walk away, she will fuss until you come back into view.  She's a very social baby :)

I wanted to add some pictures to this post, but my computer won't let me for some reason.  Pretty much in keeping with how things have been going.  

And, just because I want this post to be completely random, yet maybe a bit informative, here's something I found on Pinterest: 

cool by candicebabehh.

And yes, the grammar and spelling errors are killing me.

Happy Monday, all.  I'm gonna link this up for Weekend Highlights over at The Opulent Owl.


  1. hahaha I was about to ask you what the difference is between bronchiolitis and bronchitis! but nevermind. Poor Caroline though :( I hope she gets all better soon. The bright red poop would've have freaked me out! I would have been so terrified!

    Looks like we did some similar things this weekend. I went to HomeGoods too! Love that store ♥ and we watched Frozen for the first time. That movie was really funny! I enjoyed it so much. I heard it's "right there with Lion King". It's definitely not bad. I can see my daughter wanting to be called Elsa, once she start talking because it's her "first movie" even though she didn't really know what she's watching yet haha

    Thanks for the list of facts. I DO feel smarter =P

    1. We have the Frozen soundtrack and listen to it every morning. I listen to it after I have dropped the girls off at daycare...
      HomeGoods is Ah-mazing; I could and do spend way too much money there.
      And, glad I could help with giving you some useless trivia today :)