Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Thankful Project - Day 11

Today I'm linking up with Kenzie from Chasing Happy for Day 11 of her Thankful Project.  
Today's prompt is: something you were taught.

I'm so thankful that I was taught how to type correctly.  In seventh grade, we took typing class.  We sat in front of an ancient computer and had the keyboard covered with a wooden shelf looking thing so that we couldn't see our hands.  We had our typing books clipped to the little plastic easel and learned about the home keys and which Shift key to use when you typed a certain uppercase letter (I still cheat with a few of them for my own hand comfort).

I loved typing class in seventh & eighth grades.  It was so easy for me.  I'm lucky that it came easily.  I know some people (like my hunt-and-peck husband) who know how to type correctly but it doesn't come as easily to them.  I can type about 80 WPM on a good day and it makes me feel special to hear my co-workers call me Speedy and marvel at how fast I type.  When I need to make a list, I usually open up a Word doc and type away.  It's much faster than writing, for me.  I like to write, too (especially with my Sharpie pens) but if I need to get down some thoughts quick before I forget them, I'll type it up.

So thank you, Mrs. Gregory and Mr. Panico (my 7th & 8th grade typing teachers, there's that random memory again) for teaching me the art of typing (keyboarding... or whatever); and for the many fun games of Oregon Trail along the way...


Man, now I wanna play Oregon Trail. 

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