Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Thankful Project - Day 10

Today I'm linking up with Kenzie at Chasing Happy for Day 10 of her Thankful Project.  
Today's prompt is: a memory.

This is going to be like the day where we had to think of an experience we were thankful for.  I can't think of just one memory that is more important to me than the others.

My sister always says that I remember being born.  I'm always like, "hey don't you remember that time when..." and her answer is usually a blank stare and "no, I don't remember that... you're crazy."
I remember a lot of things.  I remember smells and sounds and strange details.  I remember eating the tip of a yellow crayon at daycare because I thought it was a piece of candy corn.  I remember hiding on top of the bookcase inside my closet wearing a green and blue bathing suit (although for some reason I don't remember who I was hiding from or why).  I even remember what my grandfather's work van smelled like.  I couldn't explain it to you, but if I ever smelled it again I could say "hey this smells like Pop-pop's work van!"

I'm thankful that I am able to keep so many random memories in my head.  Despite what Sara says, I don't remember everything (I certainly don't remember being born), I'm not really good with remembering dates, and the things I remember may not be the most important, but ask me what color my backpack was in kindergarten and I could tell you it was hot pink and Mom-mom bought it for my birthday and hid it in her laundry room in a Toys R Us bag and the front pocket got a hole in the bottom and I lost a dime inside the backpack through the hole.  And we used to keep our backpacks in the closets with these weird folding doors and one of the boys trapped one of the girls inside the closet one day.  I was five, guys.
So, I can't say that I'm thankful for a specific memory.  I have too many great ones; too many that taught me something useful; too many painful ones that built character and made me the person I am today, blah blah blah.  
Nope, I'm just thankful for my excellent, albeit random & at times trivial, memory.  

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