Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Thankful Project - Day 12

Today I'm linking up with Kenzie at Chasing Happy for Day 12 of her Thankful Project.  
Today's prompt is: an opportunity.

Once again, I find it hard for me to nail down one single opportunity that I'm especially thankful for.  There are too many.  Growing up, I knew we weren't rich.  But never did I feel like I couldn't do something if I wanted to.  We took dance lessons and played county and school sports.  My mom always said that she wanted to take ballet lessons but that her parents couldn't afford it, and that she was so glad she was able to put us into dance classes.  I danced from the age of 5 to 17, and played softball for the county from age 7 to 17, and played softball in high school all four years.  I could probably have made the team in college had I tried out, but I'm glad I didn't because I'm almost positive I wouldn't have graduated with honors if I had played softball; I probably would have failed out or quit the team.  Those girls were never in class and always had to try so hard to keep up with school work between games and practice.
But I had the opportunity if I wanted it.  

My parents made sure that I knew I could do anything I wanted to.  I was in a couple clubs, went to almost every dance (with or without a date...) and the only reason I didn't do everything I could have done (like played Dorothy instead of being in the sucky chorus in the 6th grade Wizard of Oz production) was because I was too chicken to try out.  I went on all my school field trips (except, of course, the trip where ALL of my friends ran into--and took pictures with--Mandy Moore, and I was home sick like a chump.  Clearly I'm still not over that).

We weren't rich and I didn't have all the best & most expensive things, but I grew up knowing that every opportunity I could want was within my reach.  I was taught how to recognize a great opportunity and not to let too many pass me by; and for that I'm thankful.

And for some reason whenever I see the word "opportunities" I read it in Forrest Gump's mom's voice.  "My boy Forrest is gonna have the same oppuh-tyunitees as everyone else!"


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  1. Forrest Gump is such a great movie, so many life lessons learned.

    Stopping by to say hello from the Thankful Project!