Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday Vol. 8

Well, here we are... Tuesday again.  Emily didn't want to get out of bed this morning.  She said she just wanted to "rest for a couple while".  Yeah, well, too bad kid.  If Mommy has to get up and go to work, your ass has to get up and go to daycare.  Sorry...life's tough.

Anyway, here's ten things on my mind right now.

1. Stinkbugs suck.  I feel like I'm in one of those horrible "gross creatures take over the world" movies, like Eight Crazy Legs or whatever.  These things are everywhere.  Looking up from my desk I can see at least 10 on the wall/in the blinds/on my phone cord.  Gross.  The other day there was one in my car, and I hadn't had the windows down or anything -- sneaky motherlover.

2. Netflix, oh Netflix.  I was all excited that they put up the second series (fancy British people call them "series" instead of "seasons") of Call the Midwife.  But then, I watched them all back to back and now I have nothing else to watch.  I was browsing the "popular on Netflix" category and saw Raising Hope.  I feel like someone told me I should watch it because it's really good.  So I'll give it a shot.

3. Dammit, Outlander!  All this talk about the new Starz series based on the books has made me want to re-read them all again.  Plus, the newest book is coming out in the spring.  I don't really have a whole lot of time in my day to read, so I'm just skipping through to the steamy parts.

4. The Potty Saga.  I think (but don't want to jinx it) that we are getting really close to having a potty trained toddler.  FINALLY.  For the last couple weeks, Emily has been in panties only, except for naps & overnight.  At naptime (she only naps at daycare, won't do it on the weekends) she wears a Pull-up, and for bed I put a Goodnight on her.  But for the last few days at least, she has been dry in the morning.  I decided we'd use up the Goodnights and diapers we have at bedtime and as long as she's still dry in the mornings, we'll go ahead and let her wear panties to sleep.  The biggest two hurdles were that she wouldn't tell us when she had to go and that she really didn't want to poop (whether on the potty or in a diaper).  But I think those two problems are winding down too.  Yesterday, she went to the bathroom all by herself and pooped on the potty.  !!!!

5. Sour Cream & Onion Chips.  My mouth loves them, my stomach does not.  I don't know why I keep doing this to myself, especially when I'm supposed to be eating better.  But in my distorted brain, I go to Subway and get a turkey sub, then get a bag of SCO chips.  I ate like five and my stomach started to gurgle.  God, but they taste soooo good!!

6.  The Government.  I didn't vote in the last presidential election.  I don't really care who's running the country as long as I have a job and I get a little bit of tax money back each year.  This shutdown business is ridiculous.  I don't care who's fault it is or even what each side's argument is.  Just fix that shit and let's get on with our lives.  Come on.

7.  The Urge to Purge.  No I'm not going to throw up (although it might make my tummy feel better after eating those devil chips).  I'm talking about going through my emails and deleting a bunch of crap, re-organizing my desk and taking a bunch of stupid unused programs off my computer.  Next up?  I'm going to go through our file box and get rid of stuff we don't need anymore; and finally make a file folder for Caroline.

8.  Once Upon a Ripoff.  So I went to Once Upon a Child yesterday to take a bin full of baby clothes to sell.  I knew they wouldn't give me a lot, but I was unprepared for the offer they did call with.  They said they would take 19 items and give me $16.40.  Um, what?  The last time I was in there they told some other lady that they usually pay 40-50% of what they plan to sell the pieces for..  I didn't get a print out of what they did take (because you're supposed to ask for one when you drop off, but no one told me that, and they knew it was my first time selling -- apparently OUAC expects you to be a mind reader...); so I don't know exactly what items they did buy.  I looked at what was left (most of the bin) and I don't understand why they didn't take some of the things I had in there.  A lot of it was in better shape than half the crap they sell in the store; no stains, barely worn... but whatever.  I'll just take the same bin of crap back there in a month or so (or wait til spring because a lot of it was for warmer weather -- even though their website says they buy for all seasons) and hope I get someone else looking through my stuff.  PS they left the bin a wreck -- everything was unfolded and sets were not together anymore.  These people...

9.  No Elf on Our Shelf.  I was thinking about doing Elf on the Shelf this year, thinking that Emily might be old enough to enjoy it.  But after talking to Jerry, we might wait til next year.  The thinks it might freak her out.  I don't know if she'd really be scared of it or not, but I think maybe next year she might get a kick out of it.

10.  Go Pack, Go!  Sunday we went to see the Packers play the Ravens and it was F-U-N!!  Jerry's step mom watched the girls (who, she said, were perfect angels) and we got to have a little adult time.  The weather was kind to us; it rained before the game, but not during.  And the Packers won!  So there, rude Ravens fans talking shit to us on our way up the ten thousand stairs to our nose-bleed section seats!!  SO THERE.

Happy Tuesday!

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