Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pardon My Pinterest -- Holidays

Sooooo... I still haven't gotten around to making the cinnamon bun waffles, but I did buy them... Hoping maybe tonight or tomorrow night we can make them (we have been having breakfast for dinner once a week for the past month or so -- an excellent new tradition if you ask me).  
BUT, I have been Pinning like it's my job lately (I so wish it was).  I've been cleaning up my boards--deleting some I don't pin to anymore, consolidating pins into broader board categories, and adding boards for each "major" holiday.  
So here are some examples of the stuff I've been Pinning: 

Cute printable

Excellent life hack


So totally and completely making these
(Google image)

Not sure if they meant to get the Journey  song stuck in my head or not...

The Santa Clause, ELF & White Christmas - mandatory.

Fun craft with the girls?

I also created boards for Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day & Fourth of July.  I really want to be one of those moms who bakes and does crafts with her kids.  And decorates her house according to the season/holiday/occasion. Since it's not New Year's yet (thank god!) I'm making this a Fall Resolution.  Hopefully it won't go the way of every other resolution I've ever made... Womp wahhh.

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