Thursday, October 24, 2013


Just had to capture a conversation that happened last night before I forget...

SO.  Last night we were using the old "Santa Claus is watching you, so you better be good or you won't get any presents" trick to get Emily to eat her dinner.  After she was finally done, I was cleaning up and Jerry was sitting at the table with her.

Out of nowhere she says "Is he real?"
And Jerry asks: "Who, Santa?"
Emily: "Yeah"
Jerry and I exchange a weird look & nervous laugh...
Jerry: (half under his breath) "Wow. And you're 3."
Emily: "Yeah - I know everythin'"
Jerry: "Do you think Santa's real?"
Emily: "Yep."

So then Jerry shows her the live feed of "Santa's Reindeer" in the "North Pole" on his phone.

I don't know where that came from, but I'm sure glad we didn't have to try to explain anything last night.  She has a good five years before she needs to worry about whether Santa is real.

I remember learning the hard truth from my lovely sister, when I was about...10?  Yeah I was probably too old to still believe in Santa, but I was just one of those kids that wanted to believe in things.  I was one of those kids who wrote the cheesy letter to Santa that went something like this "Dear Santa, I don't want any presents for Christmas, just world peace, and maybe a bell from your reindeer's harness" or some nonsense.  And in handwriting that looked curiously like my mom's I got a note back saying the bells held magic that the reindeer needed to fly, so I would just have to settle for presents, or something along those lines...
Well played, Mom.

Anyway, I just wanted to document that little exchange between Emily and her Daddy.  She is so inquisitive, always questioning and trying to figure things out.  Such a smart little girl :)

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  1. This is SO Emily! She is a very smart little girl :-) Love this...