Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pardon My Pinterest... Food Review

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Last week (or the week before?) I said I was going to try these cinnamon roll waffles I found on Pinterest.


Well, I sort of made them last week.  For some reason, the cinnamon rolls I got were smaller than hers, so they didn't turn out as big & scrumptious looking.  And I skipped the corn syrup & water and just drizzled the cream cheese frosting over the waffles and then put maple syrup on them.  Here's what mine looked like:

So basically mine were just a cinnamon roll in the shape of a waffle.  But still delicious!  Next time I'll try the big ones and see if they come out better.  I feel like mine were a little dry/tough because they were small but thick.  And my waffle maker is weird and the timer doesn't work so I had to guess and I think I left them in too long.  

Guys... I don't cook.  But I do like to position my food next to fake flowers and take pictures and then post them on instagram.  

I said I was going to do this recipe review thing each week, but if I'm being honest, I don't got time fo' that.  So my goal is one new pinned recipe each month, two times a month if I get ambitious.  

Next up, I'm going to try one of these Winter Go-To Crock Pot Recipes from Poofy Cheeks.  The tater tot casserole sounds about right...

Now I'm starving and it's 9:30am...

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