Friday, October 25, 2013

Five On Friday - 10.25.13

T-G-I to the effing F!

I've decided to abandon (at least for now) my "Ten Things Tuesdays" posts, for a few reasons, but the biggest one is I can't always come up with 10 interesting things every week and I don't want to make crap up just to fill up a post.  Plus I like link parties and I read 2/4 of the blogs who host Five on Friday each week.  And all the cool kids are doing it so...

Caroline is 16 weeks old.  SIXTEEN weeks.  That's four months, folks.  How exactly is that possible?  Wasn't I just pregnant??  She currently has her second cold and is powering through it like a champ.  Such a sweet baby...nothing like her big sister :)

Poor sick baby

Speaking of babies that are getting too big, my best & oldest friend Megan's son is almost a month and half old and I have yet to meet him!!  They live about an hour and half away and my kids have been sick on and off since before he was born, so I haven't been able to lay my hands on him.  We had planned to go tomorrow but Caroline started coughing and I just don't want to be the one responsible for his first cold.  So we'll try again next weekend... I just want to squeeze & cuddle him!

So instead of going to visit Megan this weekend, I'm insisting on going to pick out a couple pumpkins.  I know I'm way behind the rest of America, but it just hasn't fit into our schedule yet.  Hopefully tomorrow we can make it happen.  We won't even be home Halloween night (we go trick  or treating at in my brother-in-law's neighborhood - bonus: we don't have to buy Halloween candy to give out) but I think I have carved pumpkins maybe twice in my life and I really want to do it this year.

This has "Nailed It" written all over it...

My latest Netflix obsession: Bomb Girls.  It's a Canadian drama about girls who work in a bomb factory during WWII.  Like every other Netflix show I get hooked on, I watch the crap out of it constantly and then it's over.  So I probably only have like two more episodes and then I have to find something else.  #FWP

My real-life former college classmate & blog friend, Megan, turned me on to Kenzie's blog, Chasing Happy.  She is hosting a link up for the month of November, called the Thankful Project.  It's purpose is to slow down and stop and think about what we are thankful for - and to really enjoy and revel in the wonderfulness that is Fall (instead of skipping over "Christmas's younger sibling, Thanksgiving".  And I believe what Kenzie says: "Intentionally cultivating an attitude of gratitude will change your life." So starting November 1, I am going to try to link up as many posts as I can on the topic of thankfulness.  

Happy weekend, friends!!


  1. So glad you are doing it too! It'll be great to look back on all of the things we have to be Thankful for! :)

  2. I am a Canadian, and yet I haven't ever watched Bomb Girls. Glad you like it! Adorable baby. Sorry about her (second) cold!! Have a great wknd!