Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Festive Little Weekend

Friday afternoon we took the girls to the "pumpkin patch".  Really it's a flower market that sells pumpkins, among other things.

Me and my punkins

Looks like she's snapping her fingers. So grown up :/

Wagon race!

Then, Saturday Emily and I went to the mall and picked out three new pairs of shoes for her for the fall.  Apparently her foot is a whole size and a half bigger than the shoes she was wearing.  Oops.  We also happened to wander into Bath & Body Works and I got two big candles for $20 and a free body wash.  Score.  My house smells like Autumn and I smell like a "Beautiful Day"...
It was so much fun to spend some time just Emily and Mommy.  She only made me want to scream twice.  Progress!

Then Saturday evening, with the Autumn candle burning and "Sounds of the Season" on Music Choice in the background, we sat down to carve (and color) our pumpkins.  Emily didn't want to cut into hers.  I had told her that the inside was gooey and messy and it would be fun, but she said she didn't want to get her hands dirty.  #OCDjustlikeherDaddy... So she colored hers.  And Caroline's.  And an extra one she got at a birthday party last week.

Tracing out his creepy face

Look at that perfect little pumpkin! Oh and the gourd is nice too.

Ignore the huge red candles in the Jack-O-Lanterns.  I didn't have any white tea lights.

Super "old school"...aka no imagination

Saturday night Caroline was really fussy and didn't want to go to sleep.  I brought her in bed with us for a little bit and she pooped.  Well I get fussy when I have to poop too.

Sunday was pretty lazy, but I did manage to get a bunch of laundry and organizing done.  I cleaned out the basket where I keep the artwork and stuff Emily brings home from daycare.  My system so far has been to take pictures of everything and only keep my very favorite pieces (especially ones with her hand prints or anything that shows major development like drawing faces or tracing letters).  I try to remember to put the date or at least the month or season and the year.  It will be fun to look back on these little treasures.

Here are a couple samples of her recent projects:

They did a whole week of "On the Farm" projects.
Not sure who these are supposed to be, but I love the faces, and the one has shorts on!

We didn't do anything really exciting, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I wish the weekends didn't go by so fast!  Mondays are the worst.  I actually kind of feel bad for Mondays because everyone hates them.  It's not their fault they are the first day after the weekend.  Poor Mondays.


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