Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hey Babe...

This is a completely stolen idea from Becky at From Mrs. to Mama.  Yesterday she did a post called "Honey...Remember When..." and it really made me want to do one for Jerry.  Hopefully she doesn't mind me stealing...I've only been reading her blog for about a month, and although she has no idea who I am, her blog is one I follow & check daily on Bloglovin'.

So, I'm changing "Honey" to "Hey Babe" because that's what I call him and here are some of my favorite memories with him...

Hey Babe, Remember When...

...we met and I was 16 and you were 22?  Totally creepy.

hahaha ok I was actually probably 14 or 15 here

...we went to that Incubus concert and I wore my hair in pigtails even though I looked like an idiot, because you thought it was cute?

...we broke up and I cried so we didn't break up and then we really broke up?

...we hugged at Carrie's funeral and then realized that we were supposed to be together?

...we went to Iowa and you tried to teach me how to drive stick-shift? In this...

...we used to go to the movies & out to dinner at least once a week because we had time, disposable income and no kids? couldn't wait to propose to me so you scrapped your original plan and asked me on the beach (on a night just like our first date, minus the diamond jellyfish) and I was shocked.

...we got married and it was a million degrees outside? 

 I still wanna grow old with you

...we went to Williamsburg and Water Country USA on our honeymoon and played like kids the whole time?

...we bought our first house and realized how much of a pain in the ass it was going to be?


...we went to NYC and you "made" this for me at FAO Schwarz?

...we became parents for the first time and fell in love with this little face?

...your hair looked like this?

and this...

...Emily was obsessed with Red Robin?

...we became parents again and our family was completed?

...we did family photos and Caroline screamed her head off the ENTIRE time?

...when you did this with Emily and Caroline, both at around 2 months old?

I love you so much and I look forward to making a ton of new memories that we will look back on and say, "remember when..."

Hey Babe, remember when we were young & and skinny...?

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