Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday Vol. 7

GOOOOOD morning!  It's not Monday anymore, so there's that.

1. Birth Stories.  Yesterday I finally wrote out all the details of my birth stories for each of my girls.  It felt so good to put it all in words and now I feel relieved that I don't have to try and remember all the details anymore.  I felt like I had to keep thinking about it to make sure I didn't forget anything.  I think it will be fun for the girls to read them when they're older--to see how I felt and what I was thinking when they were born.  

2. Mini Golf & Indian Summer.  So I had my choice of what we were going to do this past Sunday.  We would either go mini golfing or to the pumpkin patch/hayride/corn maze.  Well, it was supposed to be warm, so I didn't want to do the fall stuff since it wouldn't really feel like fall.  So I decided we should go mini golfing.  I wore Caroline in the baby carrier.  Oh. My. God. It was so hot and humid that before we even got to the first hole I was drenched in sweat.  Emily's poor face was blotchy.  Caroline was sweating and I had to keep covering her face because the sun was in and out of the clouds.  Never. Again.  But Emily had fun (she was always about two holes in front of us because she didn't start from the little rubber mat, she just put her ball next to the hole and curled/scraped it in.  Cheater.)

3.  Walk/Running.  I took Emily for a walk yesterday.  I was going to go by myself and try to do some jogging, but she wanted to go so I put her in the stroller and mostly walked the mile loop around our house.  I jogged a little bit, which Emily thought was fun.  And we looked for houses that had pumpkins or other Halloween decorations...then toward the end of the walk, we counted yellow recycling bins.  Whatever works!

4. Mad Men Season 6.  AMC's website sucks and they don't have full episodes of Mad Men, any season.  I finished the first 5 seasons on Netflix, but Season 6 isn't on there yet.  I remembered a friend/co-worker telling me about a site called projectfree.tv and looked for it on there.  So I started watching the first episode.  The website is an awesome idea, but sometimes the videos don't work.  I lucked out this time and hopefully all of the episodes play.  Then I'll just have to wait until next spring to watch the first half of Season 7.  

Google Image

5. Die, chestnut tree!  We have a chestnut tree in our front yard.  It drops those huge, spiky chestnut ball things (what seems like) all year round.   The weather has been so warm lately that I'm still wearing flip flops and when I walk out the front door to my car, I have to dodge the mine field of chestnut hulls.  They hurt so bad when they poke you!  And they're so big I'm always afraid I'm going to roll my ankle on one.  I really wish we could just cut it down, but it's a big job and we just don't have the time (or money) to get it done right now.

6. Costume Party!  Next weekend is our friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party.  It's going to be a Halloween costume party.  I haven't told Emily yet, because I know she's going to want to wear her Belle costume, but since it's at a park with lots of jungle gyms & whatnot I don't want her to rip it or get it dirty before actual Halloween.  So I think I might hit up my favorite place, Once Upon a Child, and grab her a cheap costume that doesn't include a skirt.  Not sure what it's going to be yet, but maybe a super hero??  Maybe they'll have something like this:

Google Image

7.  To grab & to hold.  Caroline is starting to reach for things and is practicing grabbing.  Jerry is working with her on holding her bottle (I'm sure he just wants to help develop her motor skills, it's not because he's lazy...) and she will hold little chewy toys up to her mouth and tray to gnaw on them.  It is really adorable.  Last night she held one of my hands with both of hers for like 30 minutes.  SO sweet.

Holding "Sophie La Girafe"

8.  Speaking of Progress.  Emily's Goodnight has been dry the past three mornings!!  It's still a struggle to get her to go to the bathroom, and she sometimes will just tinkle a little bit (just enough to get her treat for sitting on the potty) and I'm a little worried that she might develop a UTI if she doesn't get all her pee out.  And she's still not very thrilled about pooping on the potty.  Probably going to get some Miralax or something to help her go.  Because she's used to holding it so she doesn't mess up her panties, it gets too much and then it hurts her.  So now she's always afraid if she poops it will hurt.  I think once we get past that hurdle, we will be home free for potty training.  That and when she finally decides to just go when she has to and not wait for me to make her go sit on the potty!  I really want to get out of the pull ups and Goodnights because they are expensive and although it's wonderful when she keeps them dry, I still feel like they're dirty because they were on her hiney and have to throw them away.  WASTE!

9.  Christmas Lists?!  Call me crazy, but I'm going to start our Christmas lists for the girls (and I guess for ourselves, even though the only thing I want are gift cards).  I started a Pinterest board for gift ideas for the girls.  Every year I feel like it creeps up on me and I don't get done all the things I want to.  I'm also going to make a list of all the traditions we want to do.  We did a few last year (pomander balls, gingerbread house, applesauce/cinnamon ornaments), but I want to do more this year, and I especially want to have Emily make some arts & crafts gifts for her grandparents this year.  The holidays are so much more fun when you have kids!!

Pottery Barn--Grand Dollhouse

10.  My second NFL game.  This coming Sunday, Jerry and I are going to the Ravens/Packers game in Baltimore.  I'm SOOOO excited!  Even though we are going to get yelled at by B'more fans since we'll be wearing our GB gear.  I hope it's real Fall weather...  Emily is excited that "gramma gart-ner" (Jerry's step-mom Marsha) is coming to stay with her and Caroline all day.  They'll have fun.  And I'm looking forward to a little bit of adult, me & Jerry time.

Clay Matthews=Beast (Google Image)

Happy Tuesday!!!!!!

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