Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday Vol. 3

Happy Tuesday!  Really excited because today I get to have lunch with an old friend and we're going to Olive Garden.  Mmm.  Breadsticks.  Anyway, here are this week's Ten Things:

1. Little Milestone. Yesterday was Caroline's first day of daycare and I thought I would be really sad, but I wasn't.  I almost feel like a bad mother because it was so easy to leave my baby.  But she did great and Emily was a super cute big sister - she is very possessive of HER baby.

2. Little Genius.  At daycare, when the school-age kids go back to school, the "little kids" start their school year "curriculum" which I find adorable.  Emily came home with this:
I can't stand it.  I'm sorry but look at those As & Ts!! Mensa can just go ahead and send her an invitation...

3. My Hair.  Yep, being shallow this Tuesday (it gets worse, just wait for #4).  But guys, I was really bummed because after I had Caroline the texture of my hair seemed weird.  It was really frizzy and felt coarse.  I have pretty thin, fine hair.  I'm not balding or anything but basically when we were kids, the volume of my pony tail was the less than that of ONE of my sister's pig tails.  So I was really surprised when my hair started to change (my mom said it was normal and it happened to her after having the two of us).  But then I switched shampoos (from Garnier Pure & Clean to Herbal Essence Mandarin) and yesterday my hair was seriously so silky I couldn't stop touching it.  I don't know if it's really the Herbal Essence - I haven't used that brand since this commercial came out - or what but I'm loving it.  

4. My Toes.  No picture because I hate my feet, but I just got my toes did on Sunday and it was glorious!  Forgot to shave my legs, so sorry Vietnamese dude who had to massage my prickly legs...but my toes are officially ready for fall.  I don't remember the color, but it's similar to this (Essie's Devil's Advocate). 

                                           devil's advocate - deeps By Essie

5. Booze.  It was a tough decision, but one of the many perks of putting the baby on formula is that I don't have to worry about what I eat or drink affecting my milk anymore.  She wasn't getting fed often enough, I was going crazy and getting no sleep, and she had horrible reflux.  Thankfully, after a couple weeks of weaning her off the boob, I am proud to say that she is sleeping 9-10 hours (almost) every night and not projectile vomiting anymore... so that's good.  But ANNNNYway - the point is, I have started enjoying an adult beverage every once in a while.  On my birthday (last week) we went to Applebee's and I ordered a sangria.  I thought I was getting the Apple Sangria I used to get, but they brought me the Berry Sangria.  But oh my it was delicious - so delicious in fact that we went there again last night and I got another one.  Equally as delicious.  There is currently a 5-pack of Coors Light in our fridge (5 because I had one Sunday night while watching the Pack lose...). 

6. My New iPhone Case.  It's on its way!  I finally got my VB gift coupon for my birthday - I was thinking it wasn't going to come since I hadn't shopped there in a while, but it came a couple days after my actual birthday.  Sunday I went into the VB store at the mall but they only had a couple spring-y looking prints in the style of case I like, so I decided to order one online even though I abhor paying shipping.  But since I got 40% off, it was sorta worth it.  My old case is cracked and worn at the corners and I rarely buy things for myself, dammit!  


7. Exercising.  This is frustrating.  I really WANT to exercise.  But I don't have time.  I guess I'm going to have to make myself get up at 5:00am and go run around the neighborhood or something because I literally do not have time to do anything else.  I get off work at 4pm, have to pick up the kids by 5pm, and then there's the mad rush from dinner to bedtime and then what?  SLEEP.  I need sleep.  But I should take advantage of the fact that Caroline is sleeping so well lately and just get myself of up early.  You know what?  Tomorrow morning, I'm going to do it.  I may have to sleep in my workout clothes, but I'm going to do it.  I need new sneakers.  I want these:


8. Solo Parenting. No, there's no trouble in paradise, but Jerry is going to be out of town this Thursday-Saturday and then next Tuesday-Friday.  Like flying many miles out of town.  Which means I'm going to be on my own with two kids.  One of which is an extremely needy...toddler.  I swear the three year old is more demanding of my time than the newborn.  So I'm not looking forward to it - in fact I'm pretty damn scared - but it will be OK.  It will be OK...it will be OK...

9. Fall. I know this was on my first Ten Things list, but I just love Fall.  Also, it's my blog and I'll repeat myself if I want to.  I'm really hoping that today or tomorrow I can talk Jerry into getting my (very few) Fall decorations down from the attic.  Along with the "jump-jump" (exersaucer) for Caroline.  Sure she's only 10 weeks old, but she can hold her head up and put some weight on her chubby little legs already so I say, hey, what's one more large, cumbersome baby gear item in our living room?  It's not like anyone has to walk around in there...

10. Up & Up.  Don't know if I've already shared my obsession with Target here, but I just want to say that I love Target.  We buy Up&Up everything - almost.  We even buy the Up&Up baby formula.  It's like half the price with all the same ingredients as name brand.  Also another reason I love Target is the little surprises you can find if you shop there three times a week like I do.  Example - went to Target to buy diapers (you guessed it: Up&Up!) and wipes.  I actually DON'T buy the Target brand wipes because they are thin and really wet, but they are a great deal so I might consider switching if things get tight.  BUT I happened upon the clearance end cap in the baby section and there was a box of 320 HUGGIES One & Done scent free wipes for $2.26.  TWO DOLLARS.  That box normally retails for $8.99 but because it was an online return, it was super cheap.  They had to change the price at the register, but I was eagle-eyed and was like "ahem - those wipes are two bucks, lady".  I obviously said it more nicer like than that.  But, hello SCORE! I love me some Target folks.

                      up & up® Infant Formula  Gentle - 36oz

Annnnd that's about it for me.  Had lunch with this awesome lady today.  My friend Karen is an inspiration to me.  She has done a bunch of triathlons and all sorts of other races and will be doing a half Ironman in November.  She blogs about her experiences in all things running...and swimming and biking :)  Love her!

Tomorrow is Hump Day. Mike Mike Mike Mike...what day is it?!

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