Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday: Vol. 2

1. Hooray for mini breakthroughs.  For probably the last year, we have been short-order cooking dinner for Emily.  She kept refusing to eat (or even try) whatever we were eating, so we got to the point where be didn't want to push it and just made her chicken nuggets or PBJ for dinner.  But last night, we were having meatloaf and mashed potatoes (a meal she used to DEVOUR when she was just starting out on table food) and she wouldn't touch it.  She downed her strawberries and picked at her corn, but absolutely refused to even lick a piece of meatloaf.  BUT after about 45 minutes of begging, pleading, promising, bribing, reverse psychology and even a little food fight between Jerry and me, something clicked and she opened her mouth to try it (at this point she was sitting on my lap and I was reduced to trying to feed her like a baby).  And guess what? she liked it!  Ate every bite.  So we are going to try again tonight!

2. I ate carrots.  That sentence should actually say, "I HATE carrots."  But I'm trying to add more healthy foods into my diet and I put carrots on Emily's plate so I had to put some on mine too.  Yesterday, my lunch consisted of lowfat bologna and cheese on a whole-wheat bagel thin, strawberries and three baby carrots with fat free (disgusting) ranch dressing.  Three.  Yes I know.  But that's three more carrot sticks then I have ever eaten in my life.  I'm proud of myself.

3. My birthday is next week.  Next Tuesday is my birthday.  Cringing at the thought of being 28, but looking forward to having dinner out somewhere (with or without the girls, not sure yet) and getting a massage & pedicure.  Good god definitely a pedicure.

4. Potty Training SUCKS.  I never thought it would be this hard.  Really.

5. Parenthood.  Just discovered this show on Netflix (didn't feel like watching LOST or The Tudors for a third time) and decided to give it a try.  I really am not a fan of Lauren Graham (I'd rather eat off the McDonald's bathroom than watch 5 minutes of Gilmore Girls) but there are a bunch of awesome actors in the show that make it worth it.  I just like how real it seems.  I'm in Season 2 already because I've been pretty much ignoring my family in order to watch it.  Irony anyone?

6. Our cat died.  Friday night I was packing up to go to my sister's house for the weekend and noticed that I hadn't seen or heard the cat all day.  That wouldn't have necessarily alarmed me because she was pretty aloof and skittish, but usually she would be standing at the bottom of the stairs meowing at least once during the day.  So I went downstairs to put something in the washer and just happened to look into the downstairs bathroom where her food and litter box were.  There she was, poor thing, laying in the litter box.  We are assuming that she had a stroke or heart attack or something because I wouldn't think she'd actually choose to die surrounded by poop and pee.  So I went to get Jerry and he took care of it all for me, bless him.  I just couldn't deal with it.  He realized his shovel was on the job site so we had to put her in the shed until yesterday when he could bury her.  We marked her with a piece of our flagstone patio.  She was 16 years old.  We are waiting until Emily notices she's gone to broach the dead pet subject.  I'm sure there will be talk of a magical farm for old pets...

7. Dream Pinterest Wardrobe.  I, like almost every other woman with a Pinterest account, love to spend way too much time looking at cute outfits.  I'm using it as sort of motivation for this weight loss/getting healthy thing since I hate all my clothes and really need new ones but I refuse to spend money on clothes that I really don't want to be able to fit into.  So I'm going to keep looking frumpy but keep eating better and exercising until I am forced to buy something in a smaller size.  I'm very tempted to buy something really cute in a size 12 or something so that I HAVE to lose weight in order to justify the purchase.  Just hasn't come to that yet.  So I'm going to keep pinning really cute clothes to help me focus. Sounds totally legit to me.

8. Still waiting for my VB birthday card.  I used to be really obsessed with Vera Bradley.  I have a few purses (of course with matching wallets, sunglass case and checkbook covers) and some office supplies, key chains and the newest addition was my iPhone case.  But that was LAST fall and I really would like a new one (especially since this one is cracked).  But Vera's not cheap and I've dramatically cut back on any kind of shopping for the sake of shopping since my disposable income disappeared three years ago.  So I'm patiently waiting for my birthday gift card to the VB store to come in the mail so that I can at least take some of the sting out of my next purchase there.

9.  Two month well visit.  Seriously? Already?!  Cannot believe how fast time is flying.  I think it goes twice as fast when you have two. :*(

10. Birds think my Jeep is a toilet.  And it's annoying.

Not a very exciting Ten Things today.  Hopefully the next edition will be more exciting......

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