Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday 1.7.15 & Some Other Randomness

Since Wednesday, September 3, 2014 (the day my gynecologist said I was "obese") I have been weighing myself every Wednesday morning and recording my weight.  I'm not shy about how much I weigh.  I used to be, but now it's like, who cares?  And since I'm losing weight, it's just a number right now.  Anyway, so I started at 220 lbs.  Not the most I've ever weighed, but definitely the most ever while not growing another human life inside my belly.  

So I didn't lose all 70 lbs I gained with Emily.  I lost some, but nowhere near what I should have.  I was better at reigning myself in from the Five Guys and DQ while pregnant with Caroline, and only gained about 25, but still... It wasn't healthy; and while I know it could be a lot worse, my doc throwing out the word "obese" hit me right in the gut (the flabby, stretch-marked gut).  I made a decision that day to finally change it.  I think because she said something to me about showing my daughters how to care about my body or something -- right in the feels, man.  I never want my girls to worry about their weight, or have a single negative thought about the way they look.  So I dusted off the old MyFitnessPal app on my phone, and the rest is history.  Well, not really.  

I've lost 28 lbs since September, which I think is AWESOME.  What's even more awesome is that I didn't gain it all back at Christmas... that being said, I haven't been breaking any weight-loss records the last few weeks either.  My major goal for this weight-loss/healthy life journey was to wear a bathing suit and shorts by my 30th birthday (which is a quick 8 months away now).  I'm still on track, but in 2015 I really need to step it up and crack down and get on the ball and whatever other cliche is associated with really, really getting serious about my goals.


Part of fulfilling that goal, and another from my list, is posting a weekly weigh-in for tracking and accountability purposes (and also to fish for compliments on how great I'm think I'm kidding).

SOOOO.  Today is the first official weigh-in of 2015.  Drum roll...

193 lbs!

Ok so I told you I started at 220.  I made a list of monthly goal weights so that I didn't feel overwhelmed with my end-goal (which I decided should be about 165 - for my height, the range is 143 - 163 lbs, but I think I would look emaciated at anything less than 160).  Here's that chart: 

End of December...... 195 lbs (acheived! 12/31 weight was 192!!)
End of March 2015...... 180 lbs
End of June 2015...... 170 lbs
End of August/September...... 160-165 lbs

In my planner (remember that ridiculously expensive one I've talked about a few times? yep that one), I am tracking my fitness two ways.  First, in each Wednesday morning box, I have a sticker (included in the planner), and every Wednesday morning, I weigh myself and write on the sticker with a Sharpie so that it stands out.  

A couple weeks old, but you get the idea.

Then at the end of each month, I record that weight, along with my current BMI and waist:height ratio in one of the notes pages in the back of the planner.

I keep forgetting to bring a tape measure to work (where I look up my BMI and W:H ratio), so I'm behind on recording that stat.

I kept tracking in MyFitnessPal all through the holidays, but I definitely cheated and didn't track ALL of the cookies and other crap I ate; I really just wanted to keep my streak going (it tells you how many days you've tracked).  But as of today (after last night's dinner, which I'll get to in a second) I'm back on track.  Had my regular breakfast of a Special K bar and banana, and my favorite lunch (Chipotle #duh).  I did get a small pack of pretzel M&Ms, but I tracked them and still have enough calories left for a yummy spaghetti dinner.  YAY.

Yesterday was Jerry's dad's birthday and we all went out to a local seafood/steak place for dinner.  Emily was a complete jerk the entire time.  Refusing to sit in her chair and not eating more than a few bites of the dinner SHE PICKED OUT.  She asked for a cheese quesadilla and green beans.  She actually ate more green beans than quesadilla.... I'm going to give you a minute to re-read that.  Yep.  #whoknows.  

Probably about to leap out of her chair again to dance or run away from the table.

She kept getting out of her seat to dance in the space between ours and the next table.  She asked me 437829057 times if she could have dessert after I told her the first time she asked that she didn't eat all of her dinner, therefore, NO.

I thought we would be OK because I brought both tablets for the girls to play with, but neither one really wanted anything to do with them.  Weird.  Whatever though.  We had a tasty dinner and got to spend a little time with Pop-pop & Mom-mom :)

This is the best one we got of all of us.  I guess I didn't have my flash set to "auto" and the waitress took the pic for us.  I felt a little bad for the table behind us...

Gee, I wonder where she's learning attitude from??
And on that note, friends, I leave you.  Check back each Wednesday to see my weight-loss progress.  

Thank God I've never seen a Chipotle commercial.

I'm not getting paid by Erin Condren, MyFitnessPal, Special K, M&Ms, Five Guys, or Dairy Queen to talk about them here.  But man wouldn't that be nice?

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  1. I just realized it sounds like I really hate my kids. Anyone who knows me IRL (hopefully) knows better, but just for clarification: I love my kids. They are the best two things that ever happened in my life. I am so proud to be their mommy. They are beautiful, smart, funny, sweet and loving, generally. But sometimes they are assholes and I think other moms and dads can relate. :)