Thursday, June 5, 2014

Monthly Snapshot - May 2014

Here we go...(most of the pictures are duplicates, sorry)

Snapshot - May 2014

Emily Jane

Age:  3 -- she'll be FOUR next month

Clothes size: 5T or kids XS (4/5)

Shoe size: 9W

Food: Sometimes I'm afraid she's going to turn into either a Tyson chicken nugget or a PB&J.  She likes to stick to what she knows & loves.

Book(s):  I got a little paperback copy of Chicks Run Wild in a cereal box (I think..) and she has asked for that book just about every other night.  She thinks it hilarious how the chicks get out of bed and party after their mom leaves the room.  Yeah.

TV Show(s):  Paw. Patrol.  Always Paw Patrol.  She pretends that Ryder & the pups are in the car with her.  And she puts her raggy on her head like a veil (wish I had a picture) and says she's going to marry Ryder.

Toy(s): Really into her new Color Wonder markers & Doc McStuffins CW coloring book.  She also has a Look & Find Activity Book that my mom gave her and she will stare at it for a long time, trying to find the little hidden pictures.  Yay for quiet activities!

She had her first trip to the dentist this past Monday.  So. Big. Girl.

Listening & obeying.  So very very challenging for a 3 (almost 4) year old.


Caroline Elizabeth

Age: 11 Months!!!! She will be ONE on July 1 (tears & panic).

Clothes Size: large

Shoe Size: still little foots


Food: fruits & THESE

Book: She has been playing a lot with Emily's little baby photo book (like THIS one).  She loves to look at the pictures.  She also still loves the First Look & Find books of Emily's.  I guess I shouldn't call them Emily's books anymore -- they have to share now :)

Toy: The Little People princess castle, her shape sorter, and... my keys.  If she sees them in my hand she grabs for them, then she gets really, really mad when she can't play with them.  Sometimes I give in and let her play with them (after I've wiped them off) and she usually just chews on the Vera Bradley keychain loop thingy (I think I'll get a new one -- this one? -- then she can have my old one attached to her plastic teething keys).  

CRAWLING!!!!!!! -- read more about that HERE.

Ear infections.  Poor thing has had an ear infection every other month (like clockwork) since November.  In case you don't feel like math-ing today, that's FOUR ear infections (most of them double) for my little peanut.  And she is currently on her second antibiotic attempt for her current one.  Actually, we're pretty sure it's been one long ear infection that gets dampened down by the antibiotic and then after a few weeks comes back... SO, she's got an appointment scheduled with the ENT (the same one that put Emily's tubes in last March -- and she's done great).  And I'm really hoping this helps her out.  I feel so bad for her.  But she's such a little trooper.

This is IT right here :)

Well, I'm off to take Caroline to a follow-up with her pediatrician -- which is basically pointless since we already have the ENT appt scheduled.  

Happy Thursday!!!

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