Friday, February 28, 2014

Bathing Two Kids at Once

Let's talk about bathtime for a few minutes, shall we?  Great.

Bath nights at our house are usually Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Normally, I would give Caroline a bath using her baby tub (we have this one) and then dry her off and put her in clean jammies (and then she would promptly puke all the down the front of said clean jammies).

Then I would give Emily a bath in the big tub (obviously) and I would lose my mind because she is pure evil during bathtime:
She hates to get her hair wet.
She splashes (or just plain dumps) water all over the bathroom floor.
She decides halfway through (when she's all soaped up) that she has to go potty.
Then at the end, when all the water is gone and she's fought me through rinsing off, she refuses to get out of the tub.

BUT anyway...

Last night, for some unknown reason, I decided to put Emily and Caroline in the bath together for the first time.

Here are a few observations/random thoughts on our experience:

The big sister's job is to continuously dump water all over the little sister's head.  Even if mommy tells her to stop.  She's helping and mommy is just ungrateful.

The big sister must also teach the little sister to splash water all over the place.  It is a crucial part of "big girl" bathing; clearly a rite of passage.

Regardless of how many kids are in the bath, Mommy -- and the bathroom floor -- will still be more wet at the end than any of them.

When the little sister is finished and taken out of the bath to air out in a warm room, she must have a full-on panic attack because she forgot how to roll over.

It's preferable to attempt tandem bathing when another adult is there to help (tag team).  Kids are born with the ability and perceived obligation to gang up on a parent when even the slightest bit of weakness is shown.

I struggled with whether to include a photo of my kids in the bathtub or not.  I think I'll save that for friends & family -- and, you know, their high school yearbooks and engagement party slideshows.

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