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Monthly Snapshot December 2013

Snapshot - December 2013

Emily Jane

(I know I've already shared this photo but I really love it!! Its reappearance has nothing to do with the fact that I have been seriously slacking when it comes to photo documenting...)

Age: 3 (and a half
Clothes size: 4T-5T (never knew there was that much difference between a 4T and a size 4)
Shoe size: 9W

Food: Fruit strips or twists:

{Original images from - (if Target is reading, yes I will do a sponsored post if you give me free fruit strips)}
Book: Still Ratatouille.  She wouldn't sit through the movie, but I have to read the book every night.

TV Show(s): Sofia, Doc, Jake.  Thems her peeps.

Toy(s): Anything role-play...princess, doctor, pirate (see "TV Shows" above...) sometimes all three at once;  her dress up bin runneth over.

This isn't really a milestone but I took her to see Disney's Frozen on Tuesday and she sat through the entire thing (with minimal fidgety-ness during the previews -- sidenote: WHY do they have a MILLION previews at a KIDS movie?!) and was so good the whole time.  She's getting so big!  And I hate it.

Dealing with not getting her way.  She knows what she can and cannot do.  But that doesn't mean she won't do something she knows is wrong.  In fact, she does no-nos all the time and then gets upset when she gets in trouble.  It's frustrating but I'm trying to remind myself it's a phase and someday I'll miss this.  And it's definitely more of a challenge for me and Jerry than it is for her.

Snuggling with Daddy on New Years Day (...probably watching Sofia)

Also I think we're going to be bringing back the afternoon nap on weekends and whenever she's home with us.  It kinda went away here lately but she still naps at daycare.  We are beginning to see a pattern in her obnoxiousness and think maybe if she got that nap in she'd be a little more pleasant.  Here's hoping...


Caroline Elizabeth

(Um, I'm sorry but this is the cutest thing ever.)

Age: 6 months, yesterday
Clothes Size: 9 months (I told everyone to get her 12 month clothes for Christmas because some of the 9 mo stuff is getting snug.  But oddly, she still fits into a few six month sleepers and onesies.)
Shoe Size: chubby little feet, no shoes needed yet -- she can barely sit up on her own


Food: she doesn't know it yet, but we're about to start vegetables.  She's done cereal for a couple weeks and I think she's ready to try some peas or something.  It's been bothering me for weeks that she's still kind of on the Eat. Play. Sleep. schedule and she needs to be on more of a two-nap, more activity, less bottles schedule.  So I talked to the doc at her 6 month checkup today and did a little Googling and came up with this schedule that I'm hoping to try out tomorrow or very soon.

{Background: Google Image from searching "quatrefoil"}

Book: She got two little plastic "squeaker" books for Christmas and loves to chew on them and move them from one hand to the other.  

Toy: She really loves to sit in her "jump jump" (other people may call it an Exersaucer) and I just got the pack n play set up so that she can roll all around in there without banging her head on the hardwoods... (of course there's no picture of her playing in either one)

TV Show: I could put her in front of CNN and she'd watch it like it was Blues Clues.  Pretty flashing lights and colors!

She has mastered rolling -- basically.  She rolls from her back to her belly and then sort of forgets that she knows how to roll back.  She does it every once in a while on her own, but occasionally will get on her belly and then whine when she can't do anything else.

She likes to "rake" toys towards her.  Or just rake her hands on the table.  And bang on the table (or any other horizontal surface nearby -- her legs, the floor, etc.)

Starting real - baby - food is going to be her next milestone.  Hopefully she can get that tongue working right so that it doesn't all end up on her shirt..

"Feed me, Grampa!!"

In the next few days I think her biggest challenge is going to be the schedule.  She's probably not going to like dropping down to four bottles, but hopefully she'll be intrigued by the new foods we'll introduce.  She has been going to bed between 9 and 10 but I really think she needs more sleep -- dr agrees, especially since she takes shorter than normal naps -- so she'll be going to bed at 8 now.  I'm hoping that won't be too challenging for her -- or us.

The next big thing is sitting up on her own and then... maybe crawling... NOT really looking forward to all that. 

Here's to a fun-filled January and a very exciting 2014!

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