Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monthly Snapshot November 2013

Snapshot - November 2013

Emily Jane

Age: 3
Clothes size: 4T (starting to fit in size 5 & XS stuff)
Shoe size: 9W

Food: Blueberry/Chocolate/Pumpkin Spice waffles.  Breakfast (or breh-biss) is definitely her favorite meal of the day.

Book: Goes between Ratatouille, Hansel & Gretel, and We Help Mommy.

TV Show(s): Sophia the First - she is obsessed with "The Floating Palace" & "Holiday in Enchancia" episodes.  
I'm thinking about getting her the books that go along with these shows for Christmas.


Toy(s): she's getting back into her blocks -- which I LOVE.  She's getting Tinker Toys and/or Lincoln Logs for Christmas!!

Last night she was coloring and I was playing Bubble Blast.  She said, "Who starts with that?" (she will see an "E" and say, "Hey, I start with E!") So I look down and see that she has drawn a perfect "A".  At first I didn't think that she had done it, so I asked her to make another one.  And she drew another perfect "A".  
My kid is a genius, friends.

I don't even know.

Whining.  The SECOND she doesn't get her way, she breaks down in tears.  There's no leading up to it, it's just straight up wailing because we didn't let her lay on the floor with Caroline instead of laying in her bed for stories.

(I know, we should have just let her lay on the floor, but it's the principle of her asking for something and us saying no and then her NOT freaking out -- it's just a rule I'm trying to enforce so that bedtime isn't a free-for-all. Lay in bed for stories. Period.)  But it was we put her Froggy the garbage disposal when we told her she had to get in bed.


Caroline Elizabeth

Age: 5 months!
Clothes Size: 9 months!
Shoe Size: well the shoes Emily wore for Christmas photos don't fit her...

Food: Once I get up the nerve, we are going to start trying cereal.  I bought a package of baby oatmeal, but I don't want to admit that she's not a newborn anymore, so I've been putting it off.  I'm telling myself it's because Jerry has to get the booster seat down from the attic before we can try it.  She certainly doesn't seem to need the calories, but the doctor told me that we don't want to put it off too long and miss a crucial learning/development window. 
(Although I'm pretty sure she'll be able to figure it out if it involves eating...)

Book: Still loving the little Garanimals crinkly book -- loving to chew & drool on it that is.

Toy: her feet.  She has just discovered that if she sucks in her belly and holds her breath (#chubbykidproblems) she can pull her feet to her mouth.  When she has to start breathing again, she just holds them in her pudgy little hands.  It is actually really adorable.

TV Show: She just loves to look at the TV. She's facinated by the moving colors.  It really doesn't matter what's on, if she hears something interesting, she turns her head to it.

She has rolled from her belly to her back a couple of times; mostly because she doesn't really like being on her belly for very long... She has yet to roll from her back to her belly but I think that's because her chunk belly gets in the way.  She pulls her legs up, and leans to her side, but then she can't get any farther.  It's really kind of funny to watch.  
She'll get there eventually.

I feel like she should be sitting up a little better.  Right now when we sit her up, she stays up for a couple seconds and then slowly leans forward until she just looks really uncomfortable.  Then she does a header.  This happened when we were taking Christmas pictures over the weekend... 

"Enh, Enh... I'm stuck!"

Love these girls!!
Caroline's face cracks me up.

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