Monday, December 9, 2013

Getting Christmas-y & whatever...

This weekend we Christmased it up around here.  Saturday morning, Caroline and I shopped til we dropped at Target.  (Friday night I got this eCard from someone who apparently knows me too well) 

{Thanks Patti}

 Too funny that I already had plans to go to Target the next day.  But at least I took the baby with me...  So we finished (all but one or two little things) the Christmas gift shopping and got some mixes to make Snickerdoodles & Mint Chocolate Chip cookies.  (I made M&M cookies from scratch last week and while Jerry says they turned out fine, I'm pretty sure I over-mixed the batter and baked them way too long.. )sticking to mixes from now on -- seems like a happy medium between baking from scratch and just popping these bad boys on a cookie sheet: 



I ended up having to order the gift I'm most excited about for Emily: Lincoln Logs.  But not just any Lincoln Logs.  PINK ones.  It's going to be her present "from Santa".  I thought I could just go to Toys R Us and pick them up because I saw them at another TRU over Thanksgiving.  Well this is one of the many times I've kicked myself for not just getting something when I saw it because they didn't have it and when I got home and tried Amazon, they only had them as "collectible" for about $85... So I ordered them straight from Toys R Us and still have yet to get a confirmation that they've shipped... hoping and praying and crossing my toes that it gets here before Christmas.

But I got everything else done.  Caroline was very well behaved and (Jerry said) Emily was too.  Saturday afternoon Jerry went to play football (all time QB broken back style) and I worked on some laundry.  Somewhere in there Jerry went and picked out a Christmas tree (because there wasn't enough time for the whole fan-dam-ly to go putter around a tree farm and pick something out.  My type-A personality was very nervous about what kind of Charlie Brown nonsense he might bring home.  BUT he brought home the most beautiful, full, Christmas-smelling, perfect tree ever.  So he did OK I guess.

Sunday, while Jerry was hanging the lights outside... 

(The wreath is CGI'd -- thanks --because I haven't found one I like yet...)
...we were inside watching White Christmas (so excited that Emily was glued to the TV when they did the "Sisters" number -- really all of the song/dance stuff) and putting up a few decorations: 

(Still need some poinsettias instead of those "fall" flowers, and it probably wouldn't hurt to iron that table cloth...)

This little outdoor lighted tree was our first Christmas tree when we were just married and living with my mom.  Now it's in Emily's room and it's just killing her not to touch it (spoiler: she's touched it a billion times and already broke the star off)...

Emily had a picnic in her room with her tree and Sofia the First -- the 1,001st time Disney Jr. played Holiday in Enchancia this weekend... 

She has been wearing this tutu non-stop for about two weeks.  She takes it off to go to the bathroom then puts it back on.  She takes it off to go to bed and if I don't catch her in time, she puts it on as soon as she wakes up.  If I do catch her in time, she puts it on THE SECOND we get home from daycare.  

We hung up her new Mickey Mouse door hanger and she also has a little Santa-at-the-fireplace night light that apparently Chip & Dale and Little Einsteins live in.  (She carries these imaginary friends in her hands and talks to them -- and even puts them in time out occasionally... it's only a little weird.)

After we decorated her room I said "Emily your room is so Christmasy!" and she goes "Yeah... Whatevuh"  Wow.  

Then Sunday evening we put the ornaments on the tree: 

After Christmas I'm hoping to find a third set of tree lights and some more ornaments.  It's really too bare for my taste.  I just love a real Fraser fir tree.  I just DON'T love trying to put lights on it.  I hate that part in fact.  Maybe one of these years I'll break down and buy a prelit tree.... maybe.

Also loving the Bath & Body Works candle Fresh Balsam.  So very wintery to go with the lovely (disgusting) weather we're having lately.


In other not so Christmasy news: Caroline had her first taste of baby oatmeal over the weekend.  I'm not 100% convinced she's ready yet because she is having trouble bringing her tongue back to swallow, but we're going to keep trying every couple days.  She certainly isn't desperate for calories, so I'm not in too much of a hurry.  Plus, PLUS -- where has my little baby gone?? Rolling over and eating food and playing with toys and whatnot.  


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