Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday: All Things Christmas - 12.20.13

So freaking excited that it's Friday, although for once I don't really feel like this week has gone by all that slowly...


Linking up with Darci & friends for Five on Friday - Christmas Style:

Last night, I made dipped pretzels (based on inspiration from Pinterest, of course) and they are amazing.  So easy & delicious.  I'll post how I did it tomorrow. 

Today at daycare they're having a Pajama/Christmas Party and I sent both girls in footie PJs (of course I didn't take a picture -- SUPERmom!).  I love footie pajamas.  I think I love them even more on toddlers.  I haven't put Emily in them in a while because when she was just getting the hang of potty training, they were too hard to get in and out of.  Now that she's got it down, she loves wearing them.  So stinking adorable.

Last week, (thanks to "Gramma Gart-ner") Emily and Caroline got a letter from Santa Claus, along with a "Santa Dollar" (not sure what they're supposed to spend it on but we had just watched Polar Express and Emily liked to pretend it was her "ticket"); there was "signed" picture of Santa, and a couple stickers that said "I'm on Santa's good list".  It was really cute and she loved it when I read the letter from Santa to her.  She has it in her bed right now.

The contents of our Christmas Eve box (all from Target... duh):

I have literally wrapped nothing.  I stuck things in two bags for the girls' daycare teachers (more on what's inside them another day), but I haven't actually gotten the wrapping paper, bows, tape & tags out yet.  I'm hoping I'll have a solid couple of hours sometime this weekend (bahahahaha) in order to get it all done.  I do NOT want to be doing it Christmas Eve.


I have been saying for years (long before it became trendy) that I'm going to wrap all my presents in brown craft paper and decorate them with pretty ribbons and crap -- there's also this band I love, but you've probably never heard of them... but about three years ago we bought a huge roll of wrapping paper at Sam's Club and it's like never ending.  If I ever run out of it, and the seven other rolls of wrapping paper I have, then maybe I'll do the brown paper thing.


"Happy Christmas, Harry!!"


  1. Those pretzels look amazing!! Footie PJ's are the best. How awesome of a gifts..I am sure the kids will cherish their letters. Love the stuff in the Christmas Eve box and who doesn't like Target?? **Crickets** That's right...nobody!!! Those are awesome looking presents but why waste your time on something that will be ripped to shreds in less than a nano second lol

    1. Thanks Billie Jo! And I probably wouldn't use the brown craft paper for the kids' presents because yes, they would just get ripped up -- plus I like to wrap the kids' stuff in kiddie paper; a different pattern for each girl... that's what my parents always did and I like it ;) I'll probably get some kids' wrapping paper from... you guessed it -- TARGET!! :)

  2. Haha on the wrapping! I have been saying, "I'm going to wrap tonight!" And every night I fall asleep! It's happening this weekend! I'm running out of time! Have a great weekend!

    1. I know, right? I have all these grand plans, things I want to do after the kids go to bed; but once they're both FINALLY asleep, I can't think of anything I want to do more than just go to sleep.
      Enjoy your weekend! Get some wrapping done ;)