Monday, December 23, 2013

A Couple Crafty Things

Saturday, Emily and I went shopping.  I let her pick out an ornament for Caroline: 

I'm very proud of myself because this wasn't the ornament I would have chosen but I made a decision to let her pick it and I didn't try to sway her.  She loved this one and so it's the one we got. 

Next we went to Target; looking for a couple last minute gifts and a gingerbread house kit.  Got the presents we were looking for but they were out of gingerbread house kits or I wasn't looking in the right places... either way we ended up at the grocery store, and literally got the LAST one they had.  

And here's the finished product!

Then yesterday I decided to try this cookie bark recipe I found on -- you guessed it -- Pinterest.  But mine didn't turn out quite as nice as hers.  Tastes DE-freaking-LICIOUS, but looks kind of like barf. 

I used all the same stuff she used except I substituted red creme Oreos for the Peppermint JoJos because I've never been to Trader Joe's and wasn't about to make a special trip.  

I found it difficult to spread the almond bark evenly and ended up mixing everything together which is why it looks like pink and red puke.  I did a second batch and tried harder (and used one more block of almond bark) to get it smoother.  It was so hard because when you melt the bark in the microwave, the bowl gets hot and I couldn't hold it right.  I'm thinking if I had used my "Batter Bowl" from Pampered Chef that has a handle, it might have been easier to pour more slowly and evenly.  Maybe I'll try it again sometime... it does taste really good. 

In other news, I got all my wrapping done.  I also made my first ever bow - by looping ribbon over and over on itself, tying it with a twist tie in the middle and then pulling all the loops out into a bow.  I'm sure you can Pinterest a tutorial for that...  I would suggest using ribbon that looks the same on both sides - the ribbon I got was one sided (cheap... Walmart) and so I ended up having to twist half of the loops right side out until they looked semi normal.  It's not the best by any means, but it resembles a bow and so I used it to decorate Emily's present from "Santa" (the Lincoln Logs - remember?).  I took a picture but then I deleted it because she's crafty and knows how to use my phone.  

Anyway, I will probably not post again until after Christmas -- maybe even the weekend or next week.  Try to keep yourselves together.  It will be ok. 

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas (or a happy whatever you celebrate) and I'll be back with photos and maybe video of all our Christmas fun!

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