Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Thankful Project - Day 21

Today I'm linking up with Kenzie at Chasing Happy for Day 21 of the Thankful Project. 
Today's prompt is: something that's easy to take for granted.


One thing I take for granted, yet try to stop and appreciate whenever possible, is the gift of time.  I remember being a kid and hearing adults say "oh, time is really flying by" or "where has the time gone?!" and I was all, "ugh, I just wish Christmas would get here already"... or "how many more days til summer vacation!"

But now that I'm an adult too (and especially since having children), I can totally relate to the feeling of time slipping away too quickly.  We rush through our days and we hurry to get tasks done so we can enjoy other things, and we don't end up enjoying much. We put off doing things, always assuming we'll find time for them somewhere down the road.  

One of the reasons I decided to participate in the Thankful Project was to force myself to slow down and write meaningfully about the things I'm thankful for -- most of which I do take for granted each day.  

Sometimes my life feels like a giant Pinterest board.  I'm always taking note of things I want to do/see/feel at some point in the future, but never get around to making the time to actually do/see/feel them.  But by taking time out of my day to really think about how thankful I am for this (pretty awesome) life I have, maybe I can inspire myself to slow down and really appreciate this time -- this "season" of my life that is so fleeting.  

I know that before I realize it, my kids are going to be driving, graduating, getting married, having their own kids, and doing a million other things that make me cry just thinking about; but whenever I do come to the point of looking back on this time, I want to know that I took full advantage of it, and enjoyed every minute as much possible.  

What's not to enjoy? :)

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