Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday Vol. 6

It's Tuesday!!!

1. HolyCrapIt'sOctober.  Uhh where the hell did this year go?!  Looking forward to Halloween this year though, Emily's going to be Belle (and she asks me every day if she can wear her Belle costume) and Caroline is going to be either Snow White or Minnie Mouse (she might be Snow at daycare and then Minnie Mouse for trick or treating because the Minnie costume will fit better in the baby carrier). I'm just looking forward to the candy...

2. Fall Crafts.  I finally finished fixing up my fall wreath and the sunflower bouquet for my kitchen table.  The sunflowers were a pain in my ass and I might still have to chop the stems a little to make them fit better in the jug/vase.  But I'm not touching them again this year.  Maybe next year I'll feel like messing with them again.  The wreath wasn't that bad.  It's pieces and parts of last year's wreath with some new sprigs mixed in.  And I got to use my new glue gun to put the leaves on the front.

Yeah it's crooked.  Wanna fight about it?

3.  Boob Tube.  We watched the Once Upon a Time season premiere Sunday night.  We probably won't be able to keep up with that show in real time because of football.  Hopefully they will put episodes on their website so we can catch up during the week.  I'm still working my way through the available seasons of Mad Men on Netflix.  I need to find out what season is next and when it starts.  I think I heard they are going to split the final season a la Breaking Bad... Speaking of which, I guess we gotta watch that now too.  I watched the season premiere of Parenthood on nbc.com because I missed it last Thursday (10pm is LATE, man).  I'm so glad they put the episodes up on their website too!

4. Pretzel M&Ms.  I love those things.  I make myself sick on them.  They are especially good with diet Dr. Pepper.

5. iOS Version 7.  Thank goodness one of my friends pinned this article on some of the cool features with iOS 7.  So glad that there is a way to turn off that "movement" of the screen when you tilt your phone.  That was really annoying and I don't see what purpose it serves... Also! with iOS 7, you can change Siri's voice from female to male.  Which makes me wonder, when will they have an update that allows you to change Siri's voice to Sam Heughan's voice?  Because I would always be asking SiriSam questions; and telling him "from now on, call me Claire...or Sassenach"  OMG I'm such a loser.

6. Panties.  No, not mine.  Emily's.  Yesterday was Emily's first whole day of wearing panties (and keeping them dry).  She peed on the potty every time yesterday and although she didn't poop, I was just thrilled she didn't have any accidents.  Sunday, she peed in her panties twice.  I'm going to the store today to pick up some GoodNights, but I refuse to buy any more diapers.  We are doing this potty training thing whether anyone likes it or not.  It's definitely more work on my end than I thought it would be.  I'm the first to admit that it's so much easier to just change her diaper than to try to get her on the potty at the right time (since she won't tell me when she has to go...)  But I'm determined.  It's happening.

7. Shut Down.  I could really care less about most political things.  I try not to pay attention.  I did sign up for TheSkimm, so I know the bare minimum facts.  The Democrats & Republicans, the Senate & the House couldn't come up with an agreement on funding, so they shut the government down...indefinitely.  Luckily, I'm not a federal employee so I still get to go to work and get paid.  Now if I could only figure out how to NOT go to work and still get paid.  That would be amazing.  As for the shut down, I don't know.  Just makes us look even more stupid to other countries.  What else is new?

8. Neighborfriends.  We have lived in our house for almost 4 years and barely know our neighbors.  In fact, at the community yard sale two weekends ago, was the first time that two of our neighbors came over and introduced themselves.  That was cool, but I still wish that we had any neighbors under the age of 55.  I actually had a dream a few nights ago that a young couple moved in to the house next to ours and we became friends. That's what I dream about...how sad.  I'm just kind of jealous of people who are friends with their neighbors and their kids are friends and they come over for dinner and it's the 50s, basically.

Magnetic Postcards from Anne Taintor: You be Thelma. I'll be Louise.

9. Home Improvements.  I'm working on updating my master home to-do list.  We might finally be at a place where we can start doing a couple upgrades/remodels (on a VERY small scale).  The upstairs bathroom is in desperate need of attention, as well as the downstairs bathroom which currently has no ceiling.  As much as I hate painting, I'm so bored with the wall colors in our house.  And then maybe--MAYBE--we can put some art or some kind of hangings up.  Parts of our house look like we just moved in because the walls are so bare.

10. 5K? I think I might have found a race I want to enter. It's in November (almost exactly a month away) so I might be able to run 5kms by then...or at least finish.  It's $40, which isn't a lot, but also isn't an amount I want to waste, so maybe it will be enough of an incentive to get my butt in gear.

Happy Tuesday & Happy first day of October!!

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