Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekends are my Favorite!

This weekend was great.  Of course it went by too fast, but I was able to catch a few memories on my phone camera:

Saturday morning the weather was SO gorgeous, I decided to take the girls over to the neighborhood ball fields/playground.  I put jackets on the girls, but figured I wouldn't need anything for myself - I was wrong.  It was chilly!! (But I loved it)

 I cannot get over how big Emily is.  I keep telling myself she only looks big because Caroline is so small; I don't want to admit that she's actually growing up :(

Caroline was sleepy!  Love this little face!

So glad my girls have each other.  Nothing like having a sister!! :)

I'm also finally joining the Instagram party - could you tell from my pictures today? Trying to make sure I take pictures at least a few times a week.  These moments are passing by too quickly! :*(

It was so nice out had the windows open and started pulling out my Fall decorations (however few they are).  I discovered I didn't have any fall candles, just a "Snowed In" one from Bath & Body Works.  It smelled Fall-ish enough so I burned it for a little while Saturday.  Got my Fall wreath down, but it's looking pretty sad, so I'm thinking I might give it an update (trip to Hobby Lobby!!).  We were spoiled by the weather this weekend - woke up to rain & nasty skies today.  Happy Monday :/

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